Google’s Thanksgiving Report Is Here, Say Bye-Bye Traffic Jams!

Google’s Thanksgiving Report Is Here, Say Bye-Bye Traffic Jams!

There’s a lot of iconography surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday season: orange leaves falling from the trees, pumpkins decorated to look like turkeys, the roast turkey itself with all the fixings, and of course, traffic. And not the web kind. No, I mean good, old-fashioned car traffic. Being bumper-to-bumper with your fellow travelers itching to get to their destination and have a taste of that good, good bird. If you’re like me, bumper-to-bumper traffic is annoying at best and infuriating at worst. Thankfully, Google’s latest Thanksgiving report hopes to ease your blood pressure on the road.

Give Me Stuffing or Give Me Death

Google’s Thanksgiving report features a breakdown of traffic in the top cities from Wednesday 12a to the following Sunday.

Google Thanksgiving Report Showing When Traffic is Worse for City Driving. Late Wednesday Night and Early Thursday Mornings Seem to have the Worse Traffic, As Well as Early Friday Mornings Due to Black Friday.

Google’s Thanksgiving report isn’t perfect, however. It was designed to only show when traffic is worse than normal, so there’s certainly no avoiding it. Despite this, the data does contain some great nuggets. For example, Wednesday night and early Thursday morning is actually worse to drive to your destination than a later time (say 9a on Thanksgiving day). Of course, Black Friday’s early morning deals have a doozy of a traffic problem.

Google’s Thanksgiving Gift

Google also includes a nifty drop-down menu to help you determine the best and worse time to leave or enter the city during the holiday.

Google Thanksgiving Report Dropdown Menu Allowing You To Entire Your City And See When The Best and Worse Times are for Travel Before and After the Holiday

While you’re certainly going to hit traffic, hopefully Google’s efforts can help reduce the stress somewhat. Maybe try listening to a playlist or two to calm your commute. Speaking of which…

Turkey Tunes 

Once you get to your holiday destination, it’s likely you or a loved one will be cooking a turkey. Thanks to Spotify you don’t have to guess when your turkey will be finished. Enter: Thanksgiving with Spotify. Spotify has created an easy to use interface to help you get the exact cooking time and temperature for your turkey.

Simply enter the weight of your turkey, whether it’s stuffed, and your preferred musical preference. Spotify will then give you a playlist custom-tailored with the exact length of your turkey’s cooking time.

Plus, they even give you an after-dinner-coma playlist for everyone’s favorite nap time.

Whether you get stuck in traffic or jam out to some tunes while your turkey roasts, everyone here at Commexis wishes you a very happy holiday!

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