Migrating your website to Commexis’ servers is an easy process.

Here is what we need.

WordPress Access

We will need admin level access to your WordPress dashboard. Once we have this, we can begin moving your website files and database to your server.

Domain Access

We will need the login information for wherever you registered your domain, such as GoDaddy, or the contact information for whoever manages your domain, such as your IT company. We need this in order to update the domain records to point them at our server. Most domain registrars require two-factor authentication to login, so we will coordinate with you on sharing the authentication code.

If we run into any issues, we will reach out to you and will work with you to solve them quickly.

How do I share this information with you?

When signing up for hosting, you will be taken to an intake form after completing your purchase. This intake form is easy to fill out and allows you to share the required information safely and securely. If you do not fill out this form within 24 hours, you will be sent an automatic reminder. If you still haven’t filled out the form after 48 hours, you can access the intake form within your client dashboard. To view it, login in to your dashboard at https://app.commexis.com, then go to Orders and click the Get Started button.

You can always reach out to our team as well via a support ticket within your customer dashboard, and we will work with you to get the information needed to get your site migrated.

Need a custom project completed? We would love to help!