Renew your hosting plan.

We wanted to make sure you know all about our upgraded hosting plans that better protect your business and your website!

Check out what our new plans have to offer:

  • Three Tiers of Service to Suit Your Needs: Starting with our Basic Plan at $59.99 per month we offer three plans with the features you’re already familiar with such as 99.96% uptime and all new ones.
  • ADA Compliance: If your site isn’t compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, you’re at risk of a potentially costly lawsuit.
  • Website Maintenance Hours: Like insurance for your site, if something goes wrong or your site needs updates, you’re guaranteed hours to fix it.
  • New Monthly Payments: To make your payments as easy as possible.

Full details on what our hosting plans offer can be found below.

If we don’t hear from you by September 30, 2021, you’ll be automatically enrolled in our basic plan and monthly invoicing will begin.


If you have any questions about web hosting with Commexis, please contact our team!

Hosting Details

Our Plans Offer

Uptime & Performance Guarantee

Our servers each have a 99.996% Proven Uptime Record.

Front & Back End Security

We implement a long list of security settings on both the server and website, and monitor the site and server daily.

SSL Certificate

All sites hosted by Commexis will be issued an SSL Certificate at no extra charge.

Spam Protection

We set up anti-spam measures on all forms to prevent as many spam bots as possible from successfully completing a form.

Back Up & Recovery

We run daily backups of our server and of each site. We store these backups for 30 days.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Your WordPress plugins will be updated regularly for security and functionality updates.

Hosting Instances

Our hosting allows us to create three separate environments within your hosting account. This allows you to fully test any website edits and updates before going live.

Sub Heading

Full Hosting Plan Details

Basic Plan

$59.99 per month


  • 99.96% Uptime & Performance Record
  • Front and Back End Server & Website Security Updates to Prevent Any Hacking Issues
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Spam Protection
  • Website Back Up & Recovery Procedures
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • Live, Staging, and Development instances
Most Popular

Standard Plan

$145.99 per month

Includes everything in Basic plus:

  • Compliance with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)*
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Troubleshooting Website Issues Not Related to the Server
* Does not include video or document compliance

Deluxe Plan

$199.99 per month

Includes everything in Basic & Standard plus:

  • Up to one hour of website edits (content, design, and development edits)