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Why host with Commexis?

Never worry about hosting or domain issues again.

You need secure, reliable website hosting and Commexis makes that easy. What separates us from working with other hosting providers is the access you have to our team. Making sure your website and domain are running, secure, and up to date is our number one priority. Our team is also readily available via phone, email or live chat if any issues occur. There is nothing we consider more pressing than a client website interruption.

Website updates & maintenance whenever you need.

Whenever you need your website updated to add new content, edit a service, update a team member, post a blog, test a contact form, and more, we are here for you. We monitor your site daily and complete WordPress and plugin updates to always ensure your site is up-to-date and secure. You never have to worry about your site being a security risk or no longer working correctly.

Quick & Easy Website ADA Compliance

Don’t leave yourself open to costly legal action.

Don’t wait until it is too late to do something.

With the advent of the internet, the Americans with Disabilities Act has been interpreted to also include web accessibility by the Department of Justice and United States courts, ensuring those with disabilities can easily access and navigate business websites.

This means your site has to meet certain standards set by the ADA or you are at risk of legal action. Our expert web development team can review your site and complete a full compliance conversion, making sure your site is accessible to everyone and that your business is safe.

WordPress website hosting & maintenance that fits your needs.

Eliminate hosting and domain problems, and keep your website updated and compliant.


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What do you need to move my site to your server?

We will need at least the login information for your WordPress and either the login for your domain registrar or the contact information for you manages your domain. If there is anything else that is needed, we will discuss that with you before starting the website migration.

If your site is not built with WordPress, we will discuss with you what is needed.

How often are security and WordPress updates completed?

We scan your site daily and complete WordPress and security updates multiple times per week.

How many maintenance requests can I submit each month?

It is dependent on your current plan. Our Standard plan includes 2 hours of marketing maintenance, while our Premium plan includes 5 hours. When you submit a maintenance request, we will inform you how long it will take and will let you know how much time you have left once it is completed.

What if I want you to host multiple sites?

We would love to host multiples sites of yours. Please contact us about our enterprise solutions.

Do you offer HIPAA compliant servers?

Yes, we do. Please contact us before and we can discuss your needs.

Do you host non WordPress sites?

While we primarily host WordPress sites, we do also host non WordPress sites. Please contact us and we can discuss your needs.

Does your ADA compliance cover content, images, videos, and documents?

Our ADA compliance services automatically cover readability issues such as font sizing and color, as well as image issues such as alt tags, but it does not cover video or document related issues. This is because video and document compliance must be manually completed for each. We do offer compliance for videos and documents, but this is something we must discuss with you first. Please contact us if you are interested.