How to Build the Right Digital Marketing Campaign

How to Build the Right Digital Marketing Campaign

As the year begins to draw to a close, it’s time to take a look back at how things came together in 2015, and what could have been done better with your digital marketing strategy. Did you reach everyone you wanted to reach? Did you draw as many customers as you wanted? Did you make the most of your marketing dollars? If you think that you could’ve done more, then you may want to consider how to develop the right approach as 2016 approaches. Here’s how:

Set Your Budget

Cost per Lead and Cost per Acquisition have always been the two pillars of building an effective marketing budget, and as it turns out, digital marketing spending is forecasted to increase to 35% of total marketing budgets for the average firm in 2016 – meaning that investment in digital marketing is rapidly becoming an even bigger priority for all kinds of businesses. Once you decide how you would like to reach your target audience, you have to take a look at the numbers and figure out how to cast a wide net without breaking the bank.

First, establish your CPL for each branch of digital marketing that you plan on utilizing. Then, as the campaign goes on, you will see how much CPA really cost you. It’s important to remember when you’re setting up each part of your campaign that CPA will start high as you front the initial investment, and then even out throughout the lifecycle of the campaign. It’s tough to know what the actual CPA will be when the campaign starts, but the best way to stay within your CPA goals is to spread them out. This leads us to the next point:


If you’re depending on only one or two digital platforms to launch your marketing campaign, then you’re not using your budget properly. SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Paid Social Media, content campaigns and video campaigns are all part of the process. So when you’re developing your new digital marketing campaign, consider how to maximize your budget by prioritizing which are most important. Of course, there are many ways to do this. By default, most businesses depend heavily on SEO to generate the majority of their returns. SEO has always been effective, and it should stay as one of the major outlets for any campaign – but given the nature of your business, make sure that you’re not missing out on capitalizing in different arenas by just leaning on what has worked in the past. Once you evaluate CPL for different platforms, you can strategize how to utilize them effectively.

Social media is cheap and provides a lot of exposure. Paid social media costs more but ensures a certain amount of traction. Video is a great way to establish your brand, and content campaigns are a great way to engage with your potential customers. It’s all about keeping in mind what kind of business you are, and where you could benefit the most. If you’re a restaurant, make it a priority to get exposure on Yelp and similar sites. If you’re a virtual store, social media and video ads could be a winning ticket. It’s all about finding a well-rounded combo that meets your goals.

Cross Channel Marketing

Also known as “remarketing” or “retargeting”, cross channel marketing is a key strategy to find that combo while upping your conversion rate. In a nutshell, cross channel is the method of reaching your potential customers on more than one platform. So if your potential customers see your company’s ad on Google but did not convert into a paying customer, they will then see another ad on a social media platform or a video ad on YouTube, depending on how you want to build your cross-platform campaign. This is an extremely effective way to reach your target audience, and it builds a brand identity by providing more than one look into your business. As long as your campaign conveys a consistent message across the web (and in mobile), then you’re giving yourself the chance to reach your potential customers more than once.

So as the new year approaches and you begin to set your goals, keep in mind that it’s not just about making your presence known on Google, or Facebook, or YouTube. It’s about maximizing your exposure across the web, and in more of the places that matter the most for your business. Remember, building an effective marketing campaign is not a zero-sum game. You can and should benefit from diversifying your digital marketing strategy, and reach more of your audience on any budget.

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