How to Keep Up with the Ever-Changing Facebook Algorithm

Facebook is constantly changing. How many of you remember when it was started solely for college students? Now it is the biggest social platform out there with close to two- billion users. With that many users, they are constantly tweaking the news feed algorithm to make sure users are seeing what they want. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that you only see a fraction of the 1,500 or more stories that are aimed toward you. With 100,00 variables to decide whether a post is relevant, how can you make sure your business is being seen?

Engaging Content

Creating engaging content that matters to your customers will help your business get noticed. What qualifies as engaging content? An informational blog post, an infographic, asking your followers their opinion, or anything that you believe would get user engagement which is likes, comments and shares.

Posting When Your Audience Is Online

With Facebook Insights, you can determine the best time to post for each day of the week. You don’t want to make the mistake of posting when your followers are asleep or busy with their workday.

Live Video

When users are scrolling through their newsfeeds’ they are more likely to stop and watch a live video than one that was uploaded. Why? Users like the unscripted, in the moment content. Facebook also seems to favor live video as well, placing it higher in the newsfeed. It is also another way to engage with your followers. Not only can they comment on the video but you can connect with them, responding to their comments and questions verbally.

Post Frequently

The less you post to your page, the less your followers will have to engage with. The less your followers must engage with, the chance of it appearing in their newsfeed is slim. However, you want to be careful with over posting as this could clog your followers’ newsfeeds and cause them to unfollow your page.


Facebook organic reach can only go so far and continues to decline. If you don’t want to get mixed into the shuffle, advertising is the way to go by targeting your ideal customer.

Facebook may have started out small and Mark Zuckerberg may have been unsure of where it would go but it continues to grow each day. Make sure your business continues to be seen.

Commexis’ Social Media Manager, Rebekah Milsted graduated from Stockton University in 2013 with a BA and Program Distinction in Communications.

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