How to Use Google Posts for Your Business

Have you ever thought to yourself “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if I could promote upcoming events and promotions through my Google My Business profile so that Google users could see them?” Well, even if you haven’t, Google has delivered a product to do just that. Google Posts is a brand-new tool that could become an integral part of your digital marketing campaign. While Google Posts may not be right for all businesses, it offers you the opportunity to highlight events, products, and promotions that you may want to promote directly through your Google My Business listing.

So what are Google Posts and how do they function? 

Google Posts are short posts that can now appear as part of your Google My Business listing and are created through your Google account. This means that if someone Google’s your business, they will not only get your basic business information in your Google profile, but also posts that you have chosen to promote. The function of these posts is to grab your customer’s attention with calls to action ideally trying to get your customer to click links to your site.

A Google Posts consists of the following information:

  • One hundred characters of text
  • A square image of at least 250 x 250 pixels
  • A Call-to-Action Button such as “Buy Now” or “Learn More”

These posts can be tracked in Google Analytics by using a custom UTM code in the URL. They expire after seven days, so they are not meant to promote evergreen content. The only exception to the seven days rule is for posts for events with specific event dates. Those posts expire the day after the event has concluded. A carousel of 3 posts can be seen at any given time on your Google My Business profile.

How to Use Google Posts for Your Business

As I said, Google posts may not be right for every business, but they certainly offer up opportunities for many small businesses. Some examples of where these posts could benefit businesses include:

Event Promotion – If you are hosting an event at your business or are participating in an event, Google Posts offer you a unique opportunity to let potential patrons know through your Google page. Examples could include a product demonstration at your business location or your participation in a sidewalk sale being hosted by the down town your business is located in.

Product and Service Promotion – Are you offering a product or service that sets you apart from your competitors?  Let your potential customers know via Google Posts and help them make the decision to visit your business. Examples could include a desirable and hard to find product that you have in stock at your store or a free service that you offer to new customers for your business.

Special Offers and Discounts – Google Posts are ideal for special offers and discounts that you are running for a short period of time. They also offer an opportunity to promote specials to new customers or returning customers finding you through Google. Examples could include a discount on a seasonal service you provide or a special offer to receive a free incentive with the purchase of your product.

Important News About Your Business – Google Posts also offer your business the ability to promote important things happening within your business. Examples could include winning an award for Best Of in your area or promoting successfully reaching a major milestone for your business.

Best of all, Google Posts are free! 

Because this is a Google product that works in conjunction with your Google My Business page, it is absolutely free. Of course, if you are working with a digital marketing agency, assume there will be fees for the time and expertise that go into creating successful Google Posts and content for you.

It may take time to see the true impact of Google Posts on SEO, but the potential that is there is certainly worth exploring. Do you have any promotions that you want your potential customers to know about?  If so, it may be worth giving Google Posts a shot.

Amy Leach is Commexis’ SEO project manager. She has a BFA from Rowan University with minors in music and art history.

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