My Website Is Not Mobile and I Need To Do Something

My Website Is Not Mobile and I Need To Do Something

I am not here to tell you that mobile traffic has now surpassed desktop/laptop traffic, you know that already. I am also not here to tell you that over 50% of mobile users start a search for a law firm or professional services company on a mobile search engine, you know this too. However, what I am trying to tell you is that if you have rankings that are driving traffic to your non mobile site on the desktop, you are no longer seeing traffic from the mobile visitor. Sure, your brand is still ranking, to a point, but the keywords that you worked so hard for, those are not ranking on Google Mobile search results. Don’t believe me? Do a test yourself.

So whether it be fear of losing out on traffic you historically captured or the fear of having a site that is simply no longer compatible with where your potential leads eyes are, you have reached the point where you need to go mobile.  So with that said, lets take a look at both mobile and responsive sites and which one is the better option for your company.

The Responsive Site

In today’s internet landscape, having a site that renders across a multitude of screen sizes is a necessity. The days of separate mobile URLs are at an end, and the responsive site is taking the place of the once predominant practice of separate mobile addresses for sites.

The benefits of a responsive site are uncontested. A responsive site uses a single code base that is sourced on all devices. The site renders easily across any screen size, and offers up a single version of the site, which in all practicality is better for the SEO of the site.

The Mobile Site

Despite the current shift towards responsive design, many still choose a separate mobile site for some of the limited benefits that are offered by the solution. Mobile site solutions offer websites the ability to use media no larger than necessary for the intended browser. The smaller media used on the mobile sites may improve the download performance of the media across mobile browsers.

The separate mobile site may also offer a user experience more targeted for mobile browsers and thus providing a better overall user experience. However, these reasons should not deter those interested in responsive sites as user experience and media size can be accounted for and thoughtfully addressed using various solutions within the site’s code, including the implementation of media queries.

The Real Cost Of A Mobile Site

With so many benefits, one may wonder what would stop an organization or individual from making the move to responsive design. For many the answer is simple: time and money. Designing a responsive site generally takes longer than a non-responsive site. To compound matters, those redesigning an existing site will encounter further complexity when rebuilding using the responsive site approach.

Because of the complexity and lengthy development, the cost of a responsive site or redesign may also run higher than that of a mobile site solution. However, the one time cost of a responsive site may save money in the long run, as a two-site solution will undoubtedly cost more to upkeep.

Responsive Sites Are Ready For The Future

Those still in doubt as to which mobile site solution will best suit their site’s needs, should consider the future of technology and how it will affect their site. Today’s technology changes at an ever-increasing pace; the two-site approach to mobile design may not be ready for the future. A mobile site may need to be reworked with the advent of new technology. However, a responsive site is always ready, as the forward-thinking approach will not need to be further programmed to work with the next wave of technology.

Affordable Responsive Sites

The responsive site solution is the way of the future. More often, organizations and businesses are turning to the responsive design approach to create a website that is able to benefit them now and into the future. WordPress is a great option for those interested in a responsive solution at an affordable cost. With many responsive site templates to choose from, WordPress allows users to create or redesign a site very quickly and affordably. The ease of designing a responsive WordPress site clarifies the choice between responsive or two-site solutions; Responsive sites are the clear choice for anyone invested in their online presence.

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