Online Reviews, how they impact your rankings and how to get them

Online Reviews, how they impact your rankings and how to get them

While it is nice to think that we are totally in control of our rankings on Google based on the actions we take, we know that isn’t completely true. After all, to try and be an impartial database that spits out results based on merit, Google needs to factor in a whole host of metrics including the thoughts of other people on review sites. Though reviews have always factored in to your rankings, they are becoming even more important as time goes on.
At this point it is unclear as to whether or not Google can decipher the good reviews from the bad, but I will error on the side of caution and say that whether they know the difference or not right now, there will probably be a point in the future where they do account for positive reviews over negative reviews. Besides, it is always better to get good reviews! Unfortunately even when satisfying your customers those good reviews can be hard to get.

As we all know, the most likely people to write a review of your business are the people that are unhappy. They believe that they need to protect others from a bad product (whether it is actually bad or not). People who are satisfied tend to keep quiet. No matter what you do, you can’t force people to give you good reviews, just like you can’t force people to not leave you negative feedback. You can encourage reviews in many ways, though.

One way to encourage reviews is with incentives. Have you ever been to a restaurant that offers you a free appetizer or desert if you take their survey? They incentivized you with a promotion to get your positive feedback. You may not have food to offer, but incentive programs to get “likes” and reviews can be a great way to pull in positive feedback.
Another way is with a friendly email or letter sent at the end of a transaction. If you can get a little bit personal and talk about your specific interaction, that can be even better. Tell your customer that you truly enjoyed working for them and ask that they review you on a review site. If they enjoyed working with you as well, they should be happy to comply.

A great tip we offer is that with some industries,  adding a review button on your site to encourage reviews is a quick way to jump start your online review campaign. You will need these buttons to go to your Google My Business listing, or AVVO listing or even an Angieslist listing. However you need to make sure that you offer the visitor  information on what they will be clicking. This information should tell the visitor that if they click the button they can either read existing reviews or leave their own review.

If you are working with a marketing or SEO company (and we hope you consider Commexis!)your team will help you devise ways to get reviews from your clients and will help you execute the best plan for you and your business. Beyond the benefits of Google taking notice of your review count, these reviews will instill confidence in potential clients that your existing clients are highly satisfied with your work. What better advertising can there be than the personal recommendation of a happy client? Getting reviews can require a bit of effort, but the benefits are well worth the time. A little bit of effort on your part will go a long way for your SEO and in building client trust for your business.

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