Instagram – The Benefits You Need To Know for Your Business

Instagram – The Benefits You Need To Know for Your Business

Each Friday, the Commexis blog features a post from one of our experts about a trending topic in digital marketing. This week, Rebekah Milsted, our social media manager, will explain the benefits to adding Instagram and using its newest features and tools in your social media strategy.

Is Your Company on Instagram? Why You Should Consider It!

Instagram is a top photo sharing app that came onto the social market in 2010. It was an app for users to document and share their life through pictures with family and friends. It quickly grew and is now the second most widely used platform following Facebook, with 500 million users.

Instagram isn’t just a platform for users to share pictures. It has become a top platform for celebrities, brands, and even small businesses. If your business isn’t on it yet, it is something to consider.

Reasons for Your Company to be on Instagram

Instagram Stories

In August, Instagram launched a feature known as Stories. Stories allows you to post multiple pictures with a short lifespan, disappearing in just 24 hours. The feature seems to be Instagram’s response to the other popular app, Snapchat. It was reported in October that after just two months post-launch, Stories had generated 100 million daily active users.

What could your business post? Perhaps a behind-the-scenes look at your typical day or sharing special offers could be an exciting yet informative way to use the tool.

Instagram Ads

Did you know that half of Instagram users follow at least one business and 75% of users will take action after seeing an ad? This could mean visitors to your company’s website, receiving a call and generating a lead or customer.

Instagram Ads are a great avenue for displaying new products, services and spreading awareness for your brand.

Your Competitor Could be on Instagram

48.8% of Brands are on Instagram, which means your competition could already be a step ahead. Take this opportunity to decide if it’s right for you and jump ahead of them!

Instagram is a platform that isn’t going anywhere and is expected to continue to grow. Don’t wait until it is too late. Allow Commexis to help you jumpstart your business with an Instagram account!

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