Is 360-Degree Video a fit for your Digital Marketing Campaign?

360 degree video has become a bit of a craze within the last year or two. For those who aren’t familiar, 360-degree video is a video that allows viewers to shift where they’re looking while watching in, you guessed it, a 360-degree view. This is done by stitching together video taken from 2 or more lenses on a camera.

360-degree video has become much cheaper recently, allowing consumers to obtain these special cameras for around $400 or less. For example, the Ricoh Theta S is about $350 and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 360 can be found for about $200-$250. In addition, both come with mobiles apps to streamline the editing process.

The ease of purchase and accessibility of the technology opens up the door for individuals and companies wanting to get their feet wet with new, interesting audience interactions.

Whether looking for an edited video, or a unique Facebook Live Stream, 360-degree video has a lot of potential for user interaction.

Who is using 360-degree video?

Here are excellent uses of 360-degree video and photo to enhance your audience engagement:

If you’re interested in interacting with your clients through 360-degree video, an important question to ask yourself is this: will 360-degree video enhance the user experience of my audience? It is easy for 360-degree video to feel like a gimmick, so having a game plan is important.

While eye-catching vistas aren’t in every business’ backyard, even a simple 360-degree Facebook Live roundtable discussion or business meeting can bring your audience, or your potential clients, deeper into your content.

360-degree video is still in its infancy but is growing fast. Complementing it is VR technology, allowing users to engage with the content on a whole ‘nother level. It’ll be exciting to see where the technology goes in the near future.


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