Last Week In Digital In 90 Seconds – October 17th 2016

Last Week In Digital In 90 Seconds – October 17th 2016

– Amazon is opening new brick-and-mortar stores with curbside pickup:  This will be an issue for local stores. Get out in front of this and look into app technology that can take orders and make it easier on your customers. This is a big deal for e-commerce. –


– Salesforce has officially walked away from buying Twitter, and it looks like there are no potential bidders left. (Although, we all know that with the stock price getting this low, someone will be taking a look at Twitter.) From a B2B advertising perspective, Twitter is a great vehicle to use and can send highly qualified traffic to your site.  However, Twitter’s biggest problem is that they need more users. Advertising’s currency is the number of impressions it can guarantee, and Twitter does not have the focused traffic Facebook or LinkedIn has.  Twitter needs to dumb it down a little, like Snapchat (who we really like), Twitter assumes new users know how to use it. Sure you have your intro videos and tutorials, but that is not enough. There is a learning curve with Twitter and for the 40 to 60-year-old market, they can be a little intimidated to use it.

Twitter needs to take a step back and develop an educational branding campaign that shows people how to use Twitter. Twitter 101, if you will.

Too many platforms in the digital space forget the basics on their way to greatness. By the way, we see a traditional media company buying Twitter, think along the lines of the Wall Street Journal, etc.
The following is a good read on Twitter as a media company rather than social media platform.


– Pinterest is gaining users in a hurry. Last week, the visual social search engine said it crossed over 150M monthly visitors (worldwide). This is up from 100M in September 2015. Users go to Pinterest for ideas on everything from bathroom remodels to tattoos. If you are in the B2C space, you need to get your work on the site. We are recommending that our B2C clients start to think about a budget for Pinterest advertising as we do not see this growth trend ending anytime in the near future. Investor’s Daily’s take on Pinterest’s growth


– Penguin 4.0 is now complete according to Google. If you were hit by one of the previous Penguin updates and did a backlink cleanup, you should have seen a recovery in rankings by now.  If you have not seen a recovery of if the recovery is minimal, go back and audit the current backlinks on your site.  If you are still engaged in a massive backlink campaign, stop. Tell your agency to stop. In fact, if your agency is still endorsing this outdated tactic, it’s time to get a new agency. Brand authority is best built by leveraging a diverse content strategy.



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