Last Week in Digital Marketing News – Apr. 17, 2017

Last Week in Digital Marketing News – Apr. 17, 2017

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Snap Advertisers Can Now See If Their Ads Increase Foot Traffic by Lauren Johnson via Apr. 12, 2017

“As Snap looks to build out an advertising business to rival Facebook’s and Google’s, the app is launching a new location-based product that lets businesses see whether people go to stores after seeing advertisements.

The new ad product, Snap to Store, looks at the number of people who go to a store within one week of seeing one of Snap’s vertical-oriented mobile ads. Wendy’s, 7-Eleven and Paramount Pictures have tested the location-based ad. Wendy’s used sponsored geofilters to promote a jalapeño chicken sandwich and according to Snap, the ads resulted in more than 42,000 people visiting a restaurant within the seven-day period.”


Mobile apps used more than mobile browsers, though number of apps in decline by Laurie Fullerton via Apr. 12. 2017

“App time will take up nearly 20% of total media time for US adults this year, although the average user still spends 26 minutes per day with a mobile browser.

With mobile apps now accounting for 84.9% of total mobile time spent, 10.3% more time spent using mobile apps than last year among US adults, the number of apps used is in decline dropping from an average of 21 apps per month on smartphones used in 2016, to 20 this year…”


New study shows video is crucial to app store success, increases conversions by 60 percent by Stewart Rogers via Apr. 12, 2017

“An Vu, user acquisition lead at Rovio, says video is a priority in the company’s wider app marketing strategy to build both audience and brand. She reports that the video trailer advertising Angry Birds 2 in the app store ‘improved conversion by 60 percent’ and ‘cut CPI in half.’ She also observes that ‘users from video ad networks have about 20 percent higher retention on average than other ad networks.’

‘We have a good ROI on video but the real value is linked to the quality of users,’ Vu said. ‘Their value is much higher because they are engaged in marketing that really shows, not just tells, the awesome features of our games that formats like icons, screenshots, and text descriptions simply can’t communicate.’”

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