Last Week in Digital Marketing News – August 28, 2017

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The Washington Post Brings Artificial Intelligence to its Native Ads by Lucia Moses via Aug. 23, 2017

“Publishers are running into a wall with so-called native ads. Once seen as the panacea for declining digital ad rates, these ads that are designed to mimic editorial content have turned out to be costly to make and distribute and hard to scale, which makes them a tough sell with advertisers and also eats into publishers’ profit margins. Meanwhile, marketers are also getting more comfortable sidestepping publishers, creating branded content on their own and distributing it themselves.

The Washington Post is trying to solve the problem with artificial intelligence. It built an ad product called Own that lets brands use their own content but promises to improve its chances of being seen and read (or watched) with the aid of Heliograf, a news-writing bot the Post built for the editorial side.”

Google Is Teaming Up with Walmart to Take on Amazon in Voice-Activated Ecommerce by Lauren Johnson via Aug. 23, 2017

“Google is hoping the world’s biggest brick-and-mortar retailer can give it some much-needed leverage over Amazon.

The company has partnered with Walmart, making it the first time that the retailer has legally sold its goods outside of its own website and stores.

Starting in September, Walmart will supply ‘hundreds of thousands of items’ that can be purchased through Google Assistant and Google Home devices. Similar to Amazon’s Echo, people can speak to the voice-activated devices to buy items from Walmart. People can also shop from the Google Express mobile app and website, which Walmart is plugged into.”

How Social Platforms Are Using Video to Capture Audience Attention by eMarketer Aug. 21, 2017

Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter are embarking on a massive land grab for video content, hoping to drive increased usage and capture a greater portion of digital video ad revenues with familiar ad formats such as pre-roll and mid-roll.

“Consumers—particularly young people—are viewing video programming on more devices and in more destinations than ever before, and social platforms want to capture their attention,” said Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer principal analyst and author of the new report, “Video Advertising in Social Media 2017: Showtime for Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.”

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