Last Week in Digital Marketing News – July 10, 2017

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Do Google’s New AdSense Native Ads Violate Its Own Policies? by Matt Southern via July 7, 2017
“Google has introduced a new type of AdSense ad unit called ‘Native ads,’ which raises concern as to whether or not the company is violating its own policies.
Google’s new Native ads are designed to match the look and feel of one’s website, which the company claims is good for the user experience.
But the argument can be made that by their very nature, these embedded native ads are in opposition to Google’s own guidelines about misleading content.”

Snapchat Now Supports Web Links, Adds Backdrops by Gavin O’Malley via July 6, 2017
“Have you ever dreamed of including a link to a website in a snap?
Snap is finally adding the feature to Snapchat. On the receiving end, users will have to swipe upward to view attached links. The linking ability is among several new features that Snap is rolling out this week, including additional voice filters and geo-filters.
Backdrops are another new feature. They allow users to overlay various patterns onto portions of their snaps. Snap is racing to create features faster than Facebook and Instagram can copy them.”

You Can Now Buy Nikes on Instagram by Emma Hinchcliffe via July 7, 2017
“You can already buy Nikes on Amazon or using AR. But soon, you may be able to buy them on Instagram too.
Nike plans to ‘seamlessly’ offer its sneakers to customers on Instagram, the company said this week.
Right now, details are unclear of exactly how Nike will use the app to sell shoes, but the new commitment positions the sneaker brand as one of the first major companies to invest its resources in Instagram as a way to sell products directly to consumers.
Most other brands have only experimented with shoppable tags since Instagram introduced the e-commerce feature in November. Brands can tag their photos with links to products that show up the same way a tag of a friend or another Instagram user would.”

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