Last Week in Digital Marketing News – July 31, 2017

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Majority of Emails Read on Mobile Devices by Jess Nelson via July 21, 2017
Return Path analyzed more than 27 billion email opens between May 2016 and April 2017 using the company’s email tracking solution, Email Client Monitor, and geolocation tool, Geo Email Monitor.
Fifty-five percent of emails analyzed during the study period were opened on a mobile device — an increase from 29% identified in a similar study in 2012. Almost 80 percent of mobile email opens occur on iOS, quadruple the number of mobile opens on Android devices.”

Google’s Been Running a Secret Test to Detect Bogus Ads by Mike Shields via July 21, 2017
“The company is pushing an industry initiative called ads.txt that’s aimed at wiping out fraud that’s dubbed ‘spoofing’ by the industry. Spoofing encompasses the variety of ways ad buyers can be tricked into paying for space they’re not getting. For example, spoofers can buy cheap ad space, from a low-quality site, on an exchange and then falsely list it as space on a premium site — like, say,— at a higher price.
It’s all enabled by the prevalence of programmatic ads, which are placed by algorithms and purchased on exchanges, rather than through direct negotiation with a publisher.”

The New York Times’ Branded Content Studio is Coming for Ad Agency Business by Ian Burrell via July 20, 2017
The New York Times is changing the game in branded content, and that means that creative advertising agencies, as well as the paper’s traditional newspaper rivals, should feel nervous.
By harnessing new expertise in immersive production techniques, such as augmented reality and 360-degree filming, to its unique reputation in content production, the paper is reconfiguring the notion of sponsored content production, which has recently emerged as the news publishing industry’s great hope for the future funding of journalism.”

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