Last Week in Digital Marketing News – July 3, 2017

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Facebook Will Soon Let Brands Target Ads at Entire Families or Specific People Within Households by Marty Swant via June 27, 2017
“Just in time for the holiday-planning season, the social network is introducing a new household audience feature that will let brands direct ads to entire families or to specific people within a household. The tool, which the company announced today, could help aim ads at people who influence purchasing decisions and other ads to the people making the actual purchases.

Here’s how it works: Brands can select a source audience—a custom audience uploaded to Facebook that represents their customers based on an email list, for instance—and then turn on the household audience feature to reach not just the person they’re targeting, but also other people in the same household.”

Forecast: Internet Video to See Continued Growth, Traditional TV Registers Ad Declines by Wayne Friedman via June 28, 2017
“Analysis from MoffettNathanson, based on Magna Global estimates, forecasts that U.S. Internet/online video will see a 24% average annual ad revenue growth rate, rising to $20.4 billion in 2021 — from $7 billion in 2016.”

US Podcast Ad Revenue Expected to Nearly Double This Year, Hitting $220m by Lisa Lacy via June 26, 2017
“US podcast advertising revenue is expected to hit more than $220m in 2017, marking an uptick of 85% over $119m in 2016, according to the IAB Podcast Advertising Revenue Study

It found revenue grew 73% between 2015 and 2016 – and 2016 saw more revenue generated by dynamically inserted ads for the first time.”

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