Last Week in Digital Marketing News – June 19, 2017

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Internet Ad Spend Is About to Surpass TV Ad Spend by Sophia Bernazzani June 12, 2017
Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report predicts that in 2017, spending on internet advertising will surpass spending on TV advertising for the first time — and eventually exceed $200 billion.

AI Is Leaping from Hype to Reality, and Marketers Are Reaping the Benefits by Leslie Fine June 11, 2017
“Some may fear AI, but I think of it as doing for minds what the Industrial Revolution did for muscles: machines taking on difficult and repetitive tasks and improving output. As in the case of an online retailer, AI will change the way marketing is done by turning to machine learning in order to discover patterns in data on human behavior. We don’t have to look far into the future to see how AI will make every marketing campaign smarter and more personalized; we’re already there.”

Snap Launches Ad Manager, Touts Auction Buying by Gavin O’Malley June 12, 2017
“The new platform boasts several features tailored for smaller brands, including auction buying and the ability to pay for ads with a credit card rather than a credit line. In Ad Manager, there is also no minimum dollar amount that businesses must spend.”

The ‘Path’ to Purchase is Really a Random Walk by Jason Carmel June 11, 2017
“It might finally be time to throw away the “path” metaphor altogether. This is by no means the first call or attempt to do that – we have seen purchase “stages,” “loops,” “funnels,” and “sine curves,” all striving, with varying degrees of success, to put a more nuanced framework of order around the chaos that is purchase decision making. But it is precisely in that adherence to “order” where most of these frameworks break down. Most of our decision making, some experts put it as high as 95 percent, happens at a subconscious level, influenced by dozens of known and unknown variables far beyond the marketer’s control. Forcing that messiness into an order is folly. It’s time we embrace randomness.”

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