Last Week in Digital Marketing News – Mar. 13, 2017

Last Week in Digital Marketing News – Mar. 13, 2017

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Facebook Is Rolling Out a Version of Instagram Stories for Messenger by Marty Swant via Mar. 9, 2017
Facebook is taking the battle to Snapchat with its own version of Instagram’s popular Stories functionality, except that Facebook’s version is embedded into its proprietary Messenger App.

“Messenger Day, as it’s called, has all the same features as Stories (and snaps), along with the stickers and filters familiar to anyone who’s used the disappearing posts on either platform over the past couple of years. The move comes just a few months after Facebook launched a built-in camera feature for Messenger.”

How this new platform is monetized will be the real sticking point. We’ll keep an eye on this to see if Messenger Day’s “Snapchat Lite” features will open up the functionality to slow adopters and older folks on Facebook who wouldn’t touch Snapchat with a 10-foot-pole.

New, Unconfirmed Google Ranking Update ‘Fred’ Shakes SEO world by Barry Schwartz via Mar. 9, 2017
Official Google emissaries John Mueller and Gary Illyes have been slightly cryptic about this latest purported SEO update by giving winking endorsements of theories surrounding a large-scale algorithmic update.

Named “Fred” in response to a lighthearted Tweet by Illyes, this algorithm tweak seems to be aimed at link quality, but the jury is still very much out. This is a developing story and one which likely won’t affect you or your site unless you’re engaging in some sort of frowned-upon linking strategy.

Course corrections will also likely appear shortly to counteract sites using white hat tactics that got swallowed up along with the bad, but it sure looks like we have a dramatic update with far-reaching implications on the table.

Facebook Dips its Gigantic Toe into the U.S. Sports Scene by Kerry Flynn via Mar. 10, 2017
Facebook announced Friday that they will begin livestreaming American professional soccer games via a partnership with Major League Soccer and Univision Deportes.

If your demographic includes soccer fans or sports fans in general, this may be an excellent opportunity for your brand to capitalize on Facebook’s advertising options—especially retargeting strategies.

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