Last Week in Digital Marketing News – Mar. 6, 2017

Last Week in Digital Marketing News – Mar. 6, 2017

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Google’s Location Tracking is Better Now than Ever Before by Andy Taylor via, Mar. 2, 2017
Search Engine Land’s Andy Taylor notes that Google has improved its ability to track search traffic at the ZIP code level, which is good news for advertisers who employ granular geographic targeting.

Facebook Pages Gets Redesigned Inbox for Instagram and Messenger Interactions by Saqib Shah via, Feb. 27, 2017
Facebook is making it easier for businesses to manage interactions from across its suite of platforms in one place. On Monday, a number of users spotted a redesigned inbox for Pages that includes Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook interactions.

Twitter Now Lets You Mute Specific Words from Your Timeline — and Mute ‘Eggs’ without Profile Photos by Dan Frommer via Mar. 1, 2017
These specific changes alone, obviously, aren’t going to stop harassment and bad behavior on Twitter. But it is good that Twitter is increasingly using a combination of its user community and its algorithms to curb abuse.
Mostly, it seems like a good sign that Twitter is finally increasing its cadence in addressing what has become one of its biggest problems.

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