Last Week in Digital Marketing News – May 8, 2017

Last Week in Digital Marketing News – May 8, 2017

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Google’s Chrome Will Add New ‘Not Secure’ Warnings Later this Year by Barry Schwartz via May 1, 2017
Have a search box or form on your website that runs over HTTP? You might want to switch your pages over to HTTPS by October.

Google said, “[in] October 2017, Chrome will show the ‘Not secure’ warning in two additional situations: when users enter data on an HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.”

Ultimately, Google wants to mark any web page over HTTP as insecure — but that will take them some time to accomplish.

Google May Release Mobile First Index Slowly In Batches by Barry Schwartz via May 5, 2017
Google’s been promising a roll-out of its mobile-first indexing algorithm for quite some time now. Interestingly, Google’s John Mueller has made some comments that seem to suggest that the roll-out will happen in batches, which could make things very challenging for SEOs. If you’re still dragging your feet on getting your site mobile-first and responsive, now’s the time to get moving.

Here’s Mueller’s Quote: “My guess is what will happen is, we will provide you with more information about the type of issues that we’ve run across so far in our tests. And based on that we’ll give you more guidance on when we expect some things to happen.

It’s also possible that we’ll say well this batch of sites works perfectly fine on mobile first indexing so we’ll just switch that over and wait with the next batch until we’re certain that they’ve been able to solve these problems.

But that’s something where we’ll have more information kind of as time goes by.”

Snap Debuts Ad-Buying Platform by Gavin O’Malley via May 4, 2017
“Lately, Facebook has been copying many of Snap’s more popular features. Turning the tables slightly, Snap just stole a page from Facebook’s playbook with the launch of a new self-service ad-buying platform.

Unveiled on Thursday, Snapchat Ad Manager should make it easier for brands to buy ads on the self-described ‘camera company.’

For Snap, this is just the latest move to better monetize its maturing network.”

Google Hotel Reviews & Rating by Traveller Type Test by Sergey Alakov via May 3, 2017
The travel and hospitality industry has long been one of the most competitive verticals for pay-per-click campaigns and other advertising. Prices for ads tend to be expensive and volatile, with lots of churn in the marketplace.

Google is experimenting with changes to its reviews and rating system by sorting reviews by traveler type. It’s an interesting model, full of potential implications for other industries if it catches on here.

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