Last Week in Digital Marketing News – Nov. 14, 2016

Last Week in Digital Marketing News – Nov. 14, 2016

We’re all inundated with Digital Marketing News. It’s everywhere.

So how can you sift through the deluge of headlines and extract what is most important to you? Commexis has you covered!  Each Monday, our experts curate the biggest stories in Digital Marketing News from the past week and tell you how they will affect you and your business.

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Here are last week’s biggest stories in Digital Marketing News:

Google Begins Mobile-First Indexing, Using Mobile Content for all Search Rankings by Barry Schwartz via Search Engine Land

Now that mobile searches eclipse desktop searches, it makes sense for Google to prioritize your mobile site over your desktop version. The writing has been on the wall for a while; ever since Google began using mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor.

If you’re not already using a responsive mobile platform for your site, your desktop site will still be displayed, but your overall ranking will not be as good as it could be. This trend will continue to grow, eventually sites not-optimized for mobile will effectively get filtered out of organic results.

Don’t get left behind.

Facebook Will Disable “Ethnic-Affinity” Targeting for Housing, Employment and Credit-Related Ads, by Anthony Ha via Techcrunch

Facebook allows advertisers to segment users by “ethnic affinity,” which utilizes your “likes and other activity on Facebook” to predict an interest in a particular culture or ethnicity.

Policymakers and community leaders raised concerns that these segments could be used to (illegally) discriminate against users segmented into particular ethnic affinity categories.

Facebook acknowledged the potential misuse and has walked back the scope of what can be advertised using these categories and removing some types of advertising altogether. Erin Egan, VP, US Public Policy and Chief Privacy Officer of the social media giant says that steps will be taken to better educate users on the use of these segments as well as disabling “the use of ethnic affinity marketing for ads that we identify as offering housing, employment or credit.”

Instagram Confirms That It’s Working on Live Video by Sean O’Kane via The Verge

Yet another social media platform is embracing livestreaming as a core feature.

Following in the footsteps of Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom confirmed that his team is also working on giving its users the ability to broadcast live to their followers.

If you’re not already thinking about ways your brand can leverage these new livestreaming features to market to your followers, you’re making a mistake.

Livestreaming is the future of content marketing. Brands can now speak directly to their userbase in real time with professional-quality broadcasting.

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