Last Week in Digital Marketing News – Nov. 21, 2016

Last Week in Digital Marketing News – Nov. 21, 2016

We’re all inundated with Digital Marketing News. It’s everywhere.

So how can you sift through the deluge of headlines and extract what is most important to you? Commexis has you covered!  Each Monday, our experts curate the biggest stories in Digital Marketing News from the past week and tell you how they will affect you and your business.

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Here are last week’s biggest stories in Digital Marketing News:

Facebook Says It Found More Miscalculated Metrics by Mike Shields via The Wall Street Journal Nov. 16, 2016

It’s been a rough few weeks for the social media giant.

On the heels of the “fake news” furor and its subsequent influence on the U.S. Presidential election, now Facebook has yet again found inconsistencies with their engagement metrics.

The discrepancies in question are related to:

  • Weekly post reach
  • Monthly post reach
  • Full video views
  • Time spent viewing “Instant Articles”

It remains to be seen what they’ll do to correct the issue, but given that it only tool a group of students 36 hours to correct the site’s fake news problem, we’re optimistic that it will be fixed soon.

Thirteen Things Marketers Want to Know About Expanded Text Ads, Direct from Google by Matt Lawson via Marketing Land Nov. 18, 2016

Since their release in July earlier this year, there’s been some confusion about best practices for advertisers using Google’s new expanded text ads (ETAs).

Writer Matt Lawson compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about ETAs and combined them into one handy post.

Read up on them now, before your competitors do.

Ginger Deer and The Property Brothers: How Lowe’s Will Double Down on Digital This Holiday by Adrienne Pasquarelli via AdAge Nov. 18, 2016

We continue to point out the potential for live video as part of a digital campaign for our clients. This promotion by home improvement juggernaut Lowe’s is a great template for how to integrate live video into a holistic marketing campaign. Content here runs the gamut, from social media posts to memes and everything in between. But the real show-stopper is live video.

Take note, this is the future of digital–and the campaign is a great template to follow for a product launch, promotion or event.


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