Law Firm Logo Design: A More In-Depth Process Than Many May Realize

Law Firm Logo Design: A More In-Depth Process Than Many May Realize

When we read about large companies spending fortunes to re-brand their companies with a new logo design, we may be absolutely incredulous. After all, the BBC spent $1.5 million on a seemingly simple black-and white logo, and Pepsi’s new logo cost them a staggering $1 million. But are these companies really wasting their money, and how do logos affect the image of companies? As a law firm, should you even care?

Logos Create Instant Associations

Whether we realize it or not, a logo creates instant psychological associations in the minds of the public. The word ‘logo’ comes from the Greek ‘logos’ which means ‘word’, so your logo is a single ‘word image’ and your choice of design will determine what people perceive it to be saying.

Your logo should convey a powerful, unambiguous message. What do you want to tell your clients? If you’re a divorce lawyer, you may want to convey confidentiality, sympathy and understanding. If you’re a personal injury lawyer, you may want to convey that you will fight for your client’s rights, be steadfast and unafraid. Design follows function.

How important is color?

Thousands of articles on color psychology have been written, and they tend to oversimplify the associations that color evokes. But you will have noticed that some colors are jarring whilst others are soothing and that some colors are bold and outgoing while others are ‘reserved’. Color really does have a personality. What personality do you want your logo to convey? Do you want to show a sense of urgency? Perhaps trust is more important to you – it all depends on what legal area you deal with. Whatever you do, stick to a simple color scheme. Your logo should work, even if it’s printed in black and white.

Shapes and forms

Shapes also mean more to people than you might expect. A test in which women were asked to rate identical skin creams, one branded with triangles and the other with circles produced an interesting result – the women agreed that the cream marked with the circles was smoother than the one with the triangle branding. How does this apply to you? Your logo will not only affect first impressions, but also your clients’ experience of your service.


Once again, our busy minds start to make associations the minute we look at a font. Would you take this article seriously if it used this font? Probably not! Is this font even legible? What does it say to you? This font may seem rather pretty, and have classic associations, but there are few logos for which it would be suitable. Logo design is both an art and a science.

Differentiate yourself

Do you see yourself as having a competitive edge? Differentiate yourself from your competitors by expressing it in your logo. All too many law firms settle for the worn-out scales of justice theme. A smart logo designer will ask you a lot of questions about your business’ activities, philosophy, and image. Is your designer just nosy? No! As a design expert, he or she realizes that a simple logo can convey a wide range of impressions and associations.

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