Local Business Landing Pages: Ranking Beyond Your Address

When your business is located in a big city, the only place you may need to rank is within that city.  This is ideal for SEO.  If your business is located in Philadelphia, and your clients all come from Philadelphia, you can focus your SEO on that city, and Google will make the connection based on your business address, citations, and social media profiles that Philadelphia is the area that you service.  But what if you are located in a small town?  Sure you want to rank within your town, but it would also be nice to pull business from surrounding towns as well.  Maybe there isn’t enough business to sustain you in the town you are located in.  What can you do?

Google looks for certain factors to rank you.  When it comes to local businesses, your address factors in very heavily.  Let’s say we are a pest control business in Haddonfield, NJ.  If someone googles “pest control Haddonfield NJ” we should come up.  But what if we want to rank for the other towns around us?  If someone types in “Pest Control Cherry Hill NJ” we may not show up because our address is Haddonfield, and Google doesn’t know that these two towns are right next to each other.  If Google doesn’t see Cherry Hill on our site, we stand little chance of ranking for that town.  How can I get ranked in Cherry Hill if Google can’t make these connections?

This is where local business landing pages come in handy.  A local business landing page is a page on your site that specifically targets a town or area that you are looking to rank in.  By creating a Cherry Hill town page, Google may now make the connection that we service Cherry Hill as well, and they will rank us based on the content on our town page.

So what content should you put on a town page?  Firstly, you should always offer a brief description of your business similar (but different so it doesn’t compete for rankings) from the information on your home page.  Remember, this is the first page that the clients from your surrounding area may be seeing, so you need to tell them what you can offer them service wise.  This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to your neighbors in another town.

Next, I like to tailor my town page to the specific needs of the area I am targeting.   Every town is different and has their own special features, so how does your business benefit their needs specifically?  I’ll keep using pest control as an easy example of how this works.  Haddonfield is a historic town with many older wooden homes.  A pest control service may focus on termites on their Haddonfield town page because termites may effect this area more than they do a town with newer structures or brick homes.  Cherry Hill has some sections with lots of trees and wooded areas.  Maybe for their pest control town page I would focus on ticks and deer because they effect wooded areas.  See what I mean?  This tells your clients that you understand their needs, so even though they may have to drive a bit more to get to your business, it will be worth the trip.  It is also a good way to focus the keywords you are targeting to the keywords most likely to be used by each town.

To wrap up your town page content it is always good to direct your potential clients to the rest of your site with a link or two and a friendly sign off.  Now you have introduced your business, you told your potential client about how you will address their needs for their town, and since they should want to hire you at this point, you gently encourage them to explore your site to learn more about you and more importantly to get your contact information.

Add some quality Meta Data and title tags to your page and Google will be ranking you in no time.  You can also use town pages to rank for counties or larger areas.  We are located in Camden County, and may create a town page for Camden County because we may have clients who search “SEO Camden County”.  We are also located in South Jersey, which is a very popular search term for locals.  A South Jersey Town Page would serve us very well.

You don’t have to be confined to your town when it comes to doing SEO for your business.  Writing quality town pages will have you ranking anywhere you want to serve in no time.

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