It’s podcast week day 2! On today’s episode we talk all about a new study from Adobe Analytics on the rise of mobile podcast listening.

What does this mean for podcasters and advertisers? We discuss!

A Mobile Future

George Nguyen reports on Search Engine Land that podcast mobile app usage has risen 60% since January 2018. That’s according according to a study conducted by Adobe Analytics. Furthermore, podcasting’s growth is expected to continue as 45% of listeners say they will listen to more podcasts in the future.

One bombshell finding from the stud is that 25% of current podcast listeners began listening to podcasts within the past six months! That’s incredible growth in such a short period of time. That’s not entirely surprising, though. Spotify recently attributed much of their new revenue to pushing podcasts on their platform. In addition, Google has been making updates to search to make finding podcasts even easier.  Interestingly enough, 41% of podcast discovery occurs through online sources such as blogs and articles.

So, who is listening? Millennial make up the largest demographic of listeners, with 33% listening to five or more podcasts a week. About half of respondents said they listen while working or commuting, with 42% saying they listen in the car.

The top four most popular genres were comedy (46%), educational (28%), history (27%) and true crime/documentary (26%). In the show, Josh and I give our thoughts on why comedy and humor might be so high. One of our theories is that most morning show programs are at least semi-comedic. Plus, people just like laughing and having a good time. Rounding out the bottom of the list are technology trend shows, discussion panel podcasts, and video games.

When it comes to ads, podcasts seem to be an avenue of effectiveness. According to the study, a majority (60%) of listeners surveyed said they looked up a service or product after hearing it advertised on a podcast, and 25% reported that they ended up making the purchase. In addition, of 72% of listeners who had heard a podcast ad, 33% said podcast ads are more engaging than ads on other formats, and 40% found the ads less intrusive that other types of ads. That said, about 58% of respondents said they skip podcast ads. One of the reasons Josh and I think these numbers are so solid is because of the communities built around these shows. Many podcasts focus on niche topics which allows small, engaged communities to form around the show and the hosts. Podcast advertising is something we’ll be touching on later this week, as well.

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