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Numbers Make Cowards of Us All

From a purely simplistic view, when you reach the investment stage of your sales and marketing strategy, you will need to understand three things: Your gross margins Your operating expenses Your targeted net profit

What is My Revenue Target? | Building a Better CAC #1

Today’s episode begins a six part series focused on our 3:1 in 18 process. Today’s question: What is my Revenue Target?

Paint can with brush

The Paint Can Lesson

One day, the owner of a company decides to improve the appearance of his company’s warehouse, so he hires a painter...

Ben Franklin with Covid Mask

The Facebook Dilemma – Advertisers, We Have A Problem!

Pulling ad dollars from Facebook is admirable and understandable. However, until the users flee, the latter will not have much of a long term impact.

Elephant in the Room

Facebook and Google Determine Your Customer Acquisition Cost – Not You

You have lost control of how you allocate the components of your customer acquisition cost.

Purple Cow

A Purple Cow and a Sack of Cash

If you arm your CMO or agency with the right budget and a purple cow (hat tip to Seth Godin), it is on the agency to deliver the results.

The Buyers Journey

Earnings Season Q3 2019! – The Buyer’s Journey 101

Earnings season is here! Today we’re looking at the the top digital marketing platforms and how they held up.


What’s the Difference Between Earned, Owned, and Paid Media? | Ads 101

Today we’re answering the question: What’s the difference between Earned, Owned, and Paid Media?

What is Geo-targeting image

What is Geo-Targeting? | Ads 101

Today we’re answering the question: what’s Geo-Targeting?