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- June 23, 2017

Facebook is constantly changing. How many of you remember when it was started solely for college students?

- June 22, 2017

In today’s CommexisCast, the team talks about the stories covered in this week’s Last Week In Digital Marketing for June 19 update.

- June 20, 2017

360 degree video has become a bit of a craze within the last year or two. For those who aren’t familiar, 360-degree video is a video that allows viewers to shift where they’re looking while watching in, you guessed it, a 360-degree view.

- June 19, 2017

Give us 90 seconds, and Commexis will “Clue You In” on the biggest digital marketing headlines from last week.

- June 16, 2017

In this inaugural edition of the Commexis: Tools of the Trade video series, Commexis Creative and Content Strategist, Phillip Brooks, walks us through Buzzsu.

- June 14, 2017

In today’s Commexis Cast, the Commexis content team discusses the topic, “Who should optimize content: SEOs or content writers?” raised in this article from Stoney DeGuyter

- June 13, 2017

We were honored with three awards recognizing their website design creations at this year’s Jersey Awards June 7, 2017, hosted by the NJ Ad Club.

- June 12, 2017

Digital Marketing News is everywhere. How can you sift through the deluge of headlines and extract what is most important to you?

- June 05, 2017

Each Monday, our experts curate the biggest stories in Digital Marketing News from the past week and tell you how they will affect you and your business.