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Podcasts Now Listenable In Google Search Results – The Buyer’s Journey 91

On today’s episode we talk all about Google’s latest search result update that lets you to listen to your favorite podcasts right in the SERP page.

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Featured Snippets Get A Google Algorithm Update To Stay More Up To Date – The Buyer’s Journey 90

Google released an algorithm update that will help featured snippets stay fresh and up to date. Here’s what you need to know.

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Too Much Brand Communication? Are You Hitting The Sweet Spot? – The Buyer’s Journey 89

A new eMarketer report by Rimma Kats discusses how much is too much brand communication? We discuss in hopes our inboxes will get a little less flooded!

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DoorDash’s Horrible Tipping Scandal and Opportunities for Competing Brands – The Buyer’s Journey 88

DoorDash’s horrible tipping scandal came to light and competing fast food delivery brands were quick to respond. We discuss this and more in today’s show.

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Pinterest’s Q2 Earnings Report 2019 – The Buyer’s Journey 87

As marketers we use a lot of platforms for our marketing efforts.

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Restaurant Owners: Digital Channels Might Not Be As Important To Consumers As You Think – The Buyer’s Journey 86

A new report shows a discrepancy between what restaurant owners think consumers want from digital, and what consumers find useful.

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Personalized Ads: Customers May Not Always Want Them – The Buyer’s Journey 85

A new eMarketer report shows that many consumers don’t like personalized ads as much as marketers believe they do. We discuss!

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eMarketer Reports: More Than Half of US Shoppers Use Brand Abandonment After A Bad Experience – The Buyer’s Journey 84

A new eMarketer report reveals that half of US shoppers will partake in brand abandonment after a bad experience. What can you do to curb this? We discuss!