One day, the owner of a company decides to improve the appearance of his company’s warehouse, so he hires a painter.

The owner brings the painter to the warehouse, shows him around and puts a can of paint on the table, and says “I’m really looking forward to how this will look when it’s done.”

A couple of days later, the owner checks in on the painter and sees that he is still sitting at the table with the can of paint. So, the owner decides to hire another painter to get the job done faster.

After a few more days pass, the owner again checks on the project and sees that both painters are now sitting at the table, still just staring at the can of paint. Baffled, the owner walks away and immediately hires more painters and brings them to the warehouse. After instructing them on what to do and what results he expects, they pull out two chairs and sit next to the other painters. Anger sets in and the owner demands to know why the project is not complete.

They all point to the can of paint.

One can of paint for an entire warehouse.

The painters are your marketing team. The can of paint is your digital ad spend.

Sometimes it is as simple as that.

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