Meet ‘Fred,’ the Latest Google Algorithm Update

Meet ‘Fred,’ the Latest Google Algorithm Update

When the SEO community starts buzzing about seeing major ranking changes for their clients, odds are Google is up to something. It seems that Google has made another Google algorithm update that is being dubbed “Fred” by the SEO community, though Google themselves have neither confirmed nor denied that this update has occurred. Still, SEOs are reporting seeing both positive and negative changes in their rankings, which usually suggests a major update.

This latest algorithm update seems to be focused on link quality. High quality links may have been rewarded by the update, while lower quality links and spam links may have led rankings to drops. As with many of the recent Google updates, they are focusing on quality to ensure that the sites they rank highest offer the best chances of giving searches the highest quality and most relevant websites related to their search terms.

So what can you do to ensure that your site never gets caught up in a link quality update like Fred?  First, it is important to remember that backlinks and citations are important, and quality backlinks and citations can help your site gain rankings and traction. With that in mind, quality is always key. Spammy backlinks and poor quality backlinks can do harm to your site and can hurt your rankings. As SEO’s we pay attention to the backlink sites that Google looks most favorably upon and make sure our clients are represented on those sites. We also use tools to check and make sure that they don’t have any previously existing bad backlinks when they come to us looking for help with their SEO campaign. Finally, Google especially prizes local backlinks with good authority directly related to the area a small business is located in. Having your business mentioned through a local news site, local business directory, government website, or charitable website can create valuable backlinks that set you apart from your competitors and help solidify the quality of your business.

Hopefully your website saw a positive impact from this latest Google update. If not, it may be time to kill off some low grade backlinks that may be dragging your website down.

Amy Leach is Commexis’ SEO project manager. She has a BFA from Rowan University with minors in music and art history.

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