No Two SEO Campaigns Are The Same

No Two SEO Campaigns Are The Same

No Two SEO Campaigns Are the Same

I am often asked how long an SEO campaign will take to show a client results.  Sure I can come up with an estimate, but the reality is that every website is different and will require different amounts of work to help it rank.  Some places are harder to rank for than others, and some professions are much more competitive than others.  These factors will play a role in the amount of time it takes for your SEO campaign to yield results.  It requires a lot of hard work and research for SEO to be done right.  If you want lasting results your SEO firm will most likely be putting in months of hard work on your campaign to help you succeed.  Besides, because every SEO campaign is different, what works for one site may not work for another.  So what factors make your SEO campaign so different from your competitors, or other small businesses for that matter?  What factors should you consider when it comes to understanding the level of work that will be needed to make your website succeed?  Below are some common factors that play a part in determining how long it will take for a campaign to be fully implemented.  They are something to consider when it comes to understanding what you can expect from your SEO campaign.

How Many Keywords Do You Want To Rank For?

Every small business offers a product or service, and many small businesses offer more than one.  Some of your competitors may also offer more services or products or less services or products than you do.  The number of keywords you intend to rank for will greatly affect your campaign.  The more you want to rank for, the more keyword research your SEO firm will need to do, and the more content and pages they will need to create.  The more you ask for, the longer it may take to see results for all of the keywords you need to get the business you want.

How Many Towns or Cities Do You Want To Rank In?

Some small businesses are located in a major city and the only place they need to rank to get the business they want is in their own backyard.  Other businesses want to rank in their home town as well as a dozen other towns surrounding them.  The more places you want to rank, the longer your campaign will take.  Multiply the number of places you want to rank by the number of keywords you want to rank for, and you are looking at a whole lot of content and pages that Google needs to find!  The more places you want to rank, the longer your SEO campaign will take to be fully implemented.

How Bad Are Your Rankings Coming Into Your Campaign?

Are you practically nonexistent on Google?  Well, then it may take your campaign a little bit longer to show results.  Taking a website from #30-#1 takes a little less time than taking it from #99-#1.  In general, Google won’t jump your site to the top of the pack immediately because it prefers a gradual rise.  The lower your rankings, the more time it will take to reach the top of the pack on a Google search.

How Much Work Needs To Be Done On Your Site At The Beginning of Your Campaign?

Some sites are in pretty good shape when they come to an SEO firm and really only need their content worked on to help them rank.  Other sites, on the other hand, can be missing all sorts of vital information that is causing them difficulty to rank.  The more issues your site has, the more work your SEO firm has to do to make your site easy for Google to crawl.  As usual, this takes time.  If your site is a mess when it is handed off to your SEO, it will most likely take a little more time to render results than a fairly clean site to begin with.

Like I said, no two SEO campaigns are completely alike.  They all require serious amounts of work to diagnose problems, figure out your best course of action to rank, and begin implementing their services monthly.  The issues plaguing your site may not be effecting your competitors, but that is why you hire an SEO firm.  You hire us to figure out what is wrong with your site and to fix it with long lasting results.  With a little time and some elbow grease you can see lasting results for your business.  The challenges that face your SEO campaign are not insurmountable.

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