Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page. Don’t have one? Get one!

LinkedIn has become a social media site worth noticing. It has over 85 million members, and that number continues to grow daily. When you first sign up as a new LinkedIn member, you want to answer as many questions as possible. Everything on your LinkedIn profile should be up to date and current, and if possible, you should include a photo. You want to have your profile stand out, so prospective employers will notice.

Another important idea is to use a professional headline on your profile. A headline is more of a tagline, so readers will have a good understanding of what your company is all about. You should always leave status messages, and make sure that your status message is professional and related to your business. The status update is great because it links you in with your connections, and they can see what possible career move you may be looking toward.

You also always want to list your company website or blog on LinkedIn. This optimizes your page for more views. You could simply use your company or blog name, but it is best to be very descriptive; this will make the reader want to know more about your company or blog. Like most social media services, LinkedIn will create a URL for your company or blog, which is why you want to make sure your name is at the end of your URL address. This too will help improve your chances of gaining more views and exposure to your account.

The most important part of your LinkedIn account is the summary section. The summary section gives viewers an overall history of your career portfolio. You want to use keywords that are related to your company or blog, as these are essential in users finding your LinkedIn page. You want to be very descriptive and detailed. It is not wise to just do a list of keywords. You want the summary part to be easy to read and follow, and just adding a list of words will not give the reader a sense of what your company or blog is about. You want to draw attention to your company or blog.

Lastly, it is always great to get recommendations. Recommendations will help with your credibility, and allow viewers to know what others think about you and your work capabilities. Also, one of LinkedIn’s new features is that they have launched apps. In this case, you can put PowerPoint presentations and other media forms on your account, to give readers an overall concept of what your career experiences are.

LinkedIn can be very rewarding, and can offer many new opportunities and establish professional, career relationships that can advance your career in the direction that you desire.

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