The 3:1 in 18 Process

Establish Your Firm’s Revenue Goals

The objective of the 3:1 in 18 process is to generate $3 for every $1 you put into sales and marketing within 18 months. The process starts with a discovery session where we identify the following:

-The revenue goal for your company
-The LTV (Lifetime Value of a Client)
-The CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

Identify The Investment In Digital Marketing

Once we establish the LTV and CAC, we identify the investment required in both sales and digital marketing to achieve a 3:1 LTV ratio. Armed with the proper marketing budget, Commexis will develop a strategy that will target prospective clients along the Buyer’s Journey. The platforms we market on are heavily influenced by where we see consistent growth in ad revenue, stock price, screen time and market share. These are the current platforms we market on:

-Constant Contact/Mail Chimp
-Select Industry Referral Sites

Market Your Brand Across The Digital Buyers Journey

After we develop your strategy, we build and implement your brand’s digital story. From websites, display ads, PPC ads, video ads, email marketing templates, search engine optimization, and digital radio ads to white paper downloads, print collateral, and more. Your brand’s voice will come alive at this point and each digital asset will be custom-tailored for every stop along the Buyer’s Journey.

Consulting and Reporting

During the lifespan of your campaign, you can fully expect to be engaged with the Commexis team from both a consulting and project management perspective. As your campaign is in flight, our goal is crystal clear – help your company achieve a 3:1 LTV ratio with your digital marketing campaign.

Along with the support of our team, you will be able to see your campaign’s current KPIs, goals, and conversions in real-time. We show you the numbers that really matter, not fluff like rankings and social media likes.