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The Commexis Auditing Process

Find Out How Much Revenue Your Marketing Campaign Is Producing. Learn How To Allocate Your Marketing Investment Better, And Stop Waisting Money.

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What Is The Commexis Auditing Process?

The Commexis auditing process is a financially based audit of your marketing campaign that will identify an ROI on a real-time, monthly, quarterly, or on a yearly basis. The results of the audit are presented to you with our easy-to-digest roadmap reporting dashboard.

Along with the dashboard, our team will consult and help your company interpret the data the audit is producing so you can make the right marketing investment decisions, which is a good business decision.

Who Needs The Commexis Auditing Process?

  • Companies who are about to hire or fire an ad agency
  • Companies who are debating whether they should bring their marketing efforts inhouse
  • CMO’s or Marketing Managers who are trying to increase their marketing budget
  • People who are getting ready to buy or invest in a business
  • Business owners who are looking to make sense of the new digital landscape
  • CFO’s who need to understand the finances behind digital marketing
  • Agencies who are struggling to show an ROI to their clients
  • Business coaches who focus on growing their client’s revenue
  • Companies that are embarking on digital transformation

The Audit Focuses On 5 Core Metrics

Our dashboard audits and reports on the 5 core metrics your company needs to understand when identifying a marketing ROI and before you make marketing investment allocation decisions.

1. Current Revenue

2. Pipeline/Funnel Deficiences

3. The Buyer’s Journey Marketing Investment Allocations

4. Customer Acquisition Costs

5. LTVR or Return on Your Marketing Investment

So How Do We Apply This To Your Business?

After an initial qualification call, we will establish how often your company would need an audit. For some companies they need real-time data, others may need the data on a monthly or quarterly basis and for some, an annual audit works for them.

1. First things first, we build your Roadmap Reporting Dashboard and run an audit

2.  Next, the dashboard data will identify your ROI and will help you develop a roadmap solution to improve it

3. Then, pending your needs, the dashboard will track and audit the financial progress of your marketing investment strategy going forward

4. For ongoing clients, you will only need to set aside 5 minutes each week to update the data points

5. While this is going on, we remain your partner, offering ongoing support and consultation on a monthly or quarterly basis

The Most Overlooked Expenses of Acquiring a Client

Please download our whitepaper to learn more about why your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is one of THE most valuable numbers in your business finances.