Aubrey is a marketing agency owner and is signed up for our Premium Plan.

She signed up with Commexis because she needs extra help with her client’s projects, and was tired of tracking down freelancers and interviewing candidates that marketing staffing agencies were sending her way.

Here’s how she used her first three months of our Premium Plan.

Month One

  • E-Commerce website design & development
  • Digital ads for a variety of clients
  • Video editing and ads

Month Two

  • WordPress Conversion
  • Email template design & development
  • Digital marketing ads for multiple client’s marketing campaigns (Aubrey elected to buy more hours this month so she could submit more projects)

Month Three

  • Social media ad bundle to create an ad for Facebook, Instagram and Google Display
  • Copywriting for her social media ads
  • Development of a new landing page

After three months of using Commexis, Aubrey is extremely happy, has saved money and can focus on growing her agency with Commexis by her side.

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