Jenny is a small business owner and is signed up for our Starter Plan.

She signed up with Commexis because she needed help with her marketing materials and managing her website, but she didn’t need a full-time employee and was frustrated with the unreliability of online freelancer platforms.

Here’s how she used her first three months of our Starter Plan.

Month One

  • Website edits include adding a new service page, updating her navigation, and updating two other pages
  • Facebook ad design and copywriting to promote her new service


Month Two

  • Email list scrub
  • Email sign-up box placed on the website/submissions sent to the right Constant Contact List
  • G4 Analytics conversion


Month Three

  • Social media video ad bundle to create an ad for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display to promote her sale
  • Development of a new landing page used to promote her sale (Jenny added 4 hours to her subscription for this project)

After three months of using Commexis, Jenny is extremely happy and has saved money and countless hours of her time.

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