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Roadmap Reporting Dashboard

Never guess at your marketing ROI again with the Commexis roadmap reporting dashboard and consulting services.

Simple in nature, our proprietary dashboard is fully customizable and everything a business leader would want in a top-line marketing intelligence report.

The dashboard ties your marketing strategy and financial reporting together by showing data that look at your goals, pipeline metrics, and Buyer’s Journey investment then summarizes that data with your company’s Customer Acquisition Costs, Customer Lifetime Value Ratios, and a definitive picture of your campaign profitability.

By eliminating vanity metrics, confusing data, and irrelevant conversation points our Roadmap Dashboard gets right to the information that you are looking for.

The business and marketing intelligence data that our reporting provides will change the way your company approaches large and small marketing endeavors by offering real-time insight into dollar allocations and the metrics you need to establish and maintain.

What it won’t do is replace the intuitive process that built your success.

Sample Dashboard Components

Platforms Our Board Can Pull Data From

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