Different Jobs. Different Tools.

Creative that Works

Good creative needs to be a lot more than pretty, it also has to be effective. We always craft our campaigns with your business in mind and design creative to be the perfect tool for getting your brand and your message in front of your next customer.

Let’s Look at the Numbers

Accurate Reporting

You won’t have to guess at the success of your marketing endeavors anymore. Our reporting process makes the results of your marketing efforts clear and shows you what works and how effective your campaign really is.

Website Design & Development

From simple to complex. From small to large. Our design and development team create sites that reflect your values, your mission and your message in a modern way. Sleek designs, easy navigation and an extensive knowledge of the latest best practices, our team is skilled at creating websites that not only work, but also grab attention and build brand recognition.

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Video & Audio Production

The video and audio production team at Commexis is capable of recording and editing pristine digital video and audio that will make your message and brand even more easily accessible to your potential clients and customers and leave a lasting and memorable impression.

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Website Hosting & Maintenance

You rely on your website as one of the key touchpoints a client has with your business. You spent the money and the time to create a website that works, and the right hosting plan will ensure it keeps working. With our hosting plan you can take advantage of a 99.96% uptime record, and our team can ensure your site is working and always looking fresh.

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Social Media Ad Design

Our social media team can create ads that use honed messaging combined with the perfect images to make a serious impression. We also know what works, what’s trending, what’s popular and what’s required on the major social media platforms and when and where you should be focusing your social media efforts.

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Email Design & Development

Email marketing is vital in moving your clients or customers further along your sales pipeline. From choosing the right email platform to choosing the right design and beyond, our team has extensive experience creating email campaigns that not only look good but also grab a reader’s attention and keep them moving from prospect to paying customer.

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The copy on your site, in your ads, in your emails, in your blogs – basically everywhere – needs to be clear, focused and understandable. It takes skill and a solid grasp of grammar and usage to create professional, attention-grabbing copy. Our copywriting team has the skill, the knowledge and the tools to write copy the right way.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more important than ever, and to get noticed amongst all the noise you need the know-how. We’ve excelled at building digital marketing campaigns that get results for over a decade and have learned what works and what doesn’t.

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Campaign Reporting & Consulting

If you want on overhead view of how your campaign is working, we can provide that. Our reporting dashboard can help you hone your marketing campaign and better understand its effectiveness.

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