Constant Contact or Mailchimp Account Setup Bundle


  • Creation of Email Marketing Account
  • Scrubbing and Uploading of Your Email List
  • Design & Development of an Email Template
  • Email List Sign Up on Website that Connects with your Email Marketing Account

Estimated Cost: 12 Hours
Turnaround Time: 4-5 Days

Email Marketing Account Setup

Email marketing account set up for Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

Estimated Cost: 2 Hours
Turnaround Time: 1-2 Days

Email List Scrub & Management

Import your email lists and run them through a program that separates valid emails from the ones that are no longer in use.

Example: Cleaning up an old email marketing list you have not used in a few years.

Estimated Cost: 2 Hours
Turnaround Time: 1-2 Days

Email Creation & Scheduling / Management

We will create, layout and send an email to your desired mailing list within your email marketing platform, using your supplied content and email templates.

  • Estimated cost will depend on the email frequency

Example: Sending your monthly newsletter to your email subscriber list.

Estimated Cost: 2 Hours
Turnaround Time: 2-3 Days

Website Email List Signup

Add an email mailing list signup form to your website that adds signups directly to your email marketing platform.

Example:  Prompt website visitors to join your email list. Once they sign up, the email is automatically sent to your email platform.

Estimated Cost: 4 Hours
Turnaround Time: 2-3 Days

Email Design & Development Bundle

Design and development of your email template within your email marketing platform.


  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp

Example: A sales email template created within your MailChimp or Constant Contact account.

Estimated Cost: 4 Hours
Turnaround Time: 2-3 Days

Email Template Design

Design an email template that matches your brand and uses your specifications.

Example: A branded newsletter email template that you can use each month.

Estimated Cost: 3 Hours
Turnaround Time:
1-2 Days

AI Email Copywriting

Using an AI platform, we will create unique conversion-driven content for your eblast using your supplied materials.

Example: We create content for your monthly newsletter or sale.

Estimated Cost: 2 Hours
Turnaround Time:
1-2 Days

Email Drip Campaign Setup in Constant Contact.

Based on your specifications creation of a drip campaign that is triggered by prospect behaviors. (Creative and Content sold separately)

Example: Create a series of emails that are automatically sent to lead prospects over the lifetime of the sales cycle.

Estimated Cost: 5 Hours
Turnaround Time: 2-3 Days

Estimated costs may vary. Some projects require day after implementation testing.

Each project is reviewed by our project management team to ensure the project can be completed within the estimated hours and turnaround time.
Project turnaround times are based on having everything we need to complete your project and scheduling availability. Missing information and or assets may cause a delay.
If there is something we need or if the project requires more hours or fewer hours, your project manager will discuss this with you.

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