After the pre-production process has been finished the next step is the production process aka the video shoot.

While each shoot is unique, here are two general principles to keep in mind to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Making a Good First Impression is Important

If the video shoot is on-site at your location, you’ll want to make sure it’s prepared so the video crew can perform as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Unless you’re advertising a product or service that’s all about being down and dirty, it’ll probably be important to make sure things are as neat and tidy as possible. For many productions, you’ll know in advance where the shoot will be taking place, so you can prepare those areas accordingly. Remember: this video is going to be indicative of your company or brand. Make sure you’re making the impression you want to be.

Preparing for an Interview

Being interviewed can be anxiety-inducing for some, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few ways to help reduce your stress levels during the interview:

  • Gather your thoughts ahead of time. Most production companies will provide the interview questions in advance, so be sure to read them over and give them a few minutes of thought the night before.
  • Take your time. During your interview time, don’t be afraid to take a small pause before answering or between sentences. Those pauses can always be edited out later.
  • Speak clearly, but don’t panic if you stumble on your sentences. Oftentimes those errors can be edited out. If they can’t be, the interviewer will ask you to restate your answer, again. More often than not, repeating the answer to the question will actually help achieve a more natural-sounding answer.
  • Remember: it’s just a conversation between you and the interviewer. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the lights, camera(s), and the prospect of needing to say just the right thing. However, it’s important to remember that the interviewer is on your side. They don’t want to see you fail or make you feel embarrassed. You and the interviewer (and really, the whole production crew) are a team trying to accomplish your goals.

These two areas are far from the only thing that you’ll need to keep in mind in preparation for your video shoot. Thankfully, the video production team you hire should be discussing and planning everything about the shoot in the pre-production phase prior to the shoot date.