One of the most important and fundamental aspects of pre-production is scripting.

Scripting takes the creative brainstorming and conceptualization done earlier in pre-production and adds the foundation, structure, and messaging needed to make the project come to life for the first time. While scripting varies between project types, here are a few key things we keep in mind while working on scripting with our clients.

The Right Goal

The goal of your video project will always lead the direction of the script. Are you trying to advertise a new product? Are you trying to get more leads to your website? Do you want more people to know about your business? As with most digital marketing projects, it’s important to know what you want your video to accomplish.

The Right Message

Alongside a goal, you need to know what you want your video to say. You don’t have to have the exact messaging you have in mind, we can help with that, but it will make the script writing process much easier if you generally know what you’re trying to get across. Simply knowing you need video isn’t enough.

Sometimes what you’re trying to say is just a few keywords or feelings; strength, pride, reliability. Often these ideas are ironed out earlier in the pre-production process, but they’re helpful to know. Other times a straightforward “here’s our current offers” can suffice.

The Right Hook

It’s vital to make a good first impression. You want your video project to be eye-catching and engaging from start to finish. All of that begins in the script writing process.

How Things Vary

Scripts vary depending on the scope of the project and the type of video you’re hoping to create. Here’s a few examples of how and why these scripts can vary:

  • A sixty-second video ad that runs on YouTube, Hulu or T.V.: These ads would likely have a narrator or talent speaking directly to the audience. Think of all of the legal ads, car dealership ads, etc. you’ve seen on T.V. and you’d have a good idea of how a script like this could sound and feel. A script might also include any copy or messaging needed on various graphics.
  • A thirty-second social media ad for Facebook: This type of ad may have no voice-over or narration at all. In this case, a script would consist solely of the messaging you’d like to get across in text throughout the piece. E.g., “This weekend, save 20% on every order over $200.”
  • A testimonial video: Testimonials are a little different, as they’re generally lightly scripted and focus more on specific questions and talking points you’d like a customer to speak about. The goal is authentic feedback and praise rather than copy that sounds robotic and scripted.
  • A corporate overview video: Scripts for corporate videos can vary wildly depending on the format and function. However, there’s generally at least light scripting done to iron out themes and talking points. These videos can also go a step further with specifically written lines or phrases that must be included in the final product.

Script writing is one major component of the production process, but things do often change as projects develop, as interviews are recorded, etc.

However, our goal never changes. We’re always striving to make sure we’re helping you advertise yourself, your company, or your product in the most effective and engaging way possible.