Video is a vital marketing tool with outstanding performance, and not just compared to traditional static advertisements.

According to Hubspot research, for example, 50% of consumers want to see video ads from brands. For B2B business, 92% of B2B shoppers use online video to help them make their buying decisions according to Chron. Finally, Amazon and Reddit say that “adding a video to a product description can increase sales by up to 35%” as reported by Rocket Digital.

Video content on the internet and social media platforms is never going away. Here are a few types of video you should consider for your business.

Corporate Video

Corporate video is a wide genre, but typically involves non-advertising video created for your business. That can range from corporate overview videos embedded on your website to internal training videos, instructional videos and more.

You may want to consider corporate video for the following reasons:

  • Building your brand’s credibility to would-be clients.
  • Answering frequently asked questions from customers.
  • Explaining complicated new tools for your employees.
  • Instructional videos on assembly or operation of new products.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is exactly what you expect it to be. It’s video ads running on social media. I’m not going to talk at length about why you should have video ads. Instead, I want to share my thoughts on four video ad lengths you commonly see on social media.

  • Six seconds: Short and sweet. More of a tease than an ad, you want to catch your would-be customers’ eyes and make them want more. If you can’t do that, you want them to at least see your brand’s name and hopefully your product. Great as a first touchpoint.
  • Fifteen seconds: Alongside the six-second ad, this length is an ideal first touchpoint. With the extra nine seconds, you can add some memorable hooks and information to your ad without interrupting a consumer for too long. This length is exceedingly common on social media platforms.
  • Thirty seconds: The traditional video ad length that you’re used to. Just long enough to inform a customer, but short enough to be succinct and not overstay its
  • Sixty second: This length is ideal for certain types of retargeting ads or when going after individuals who already know about your or your product. With this length, there’s enough time to add some additional info and insight into your ad.

Organic Social Video

Organic social video is less of a category and more of a “catch-all” term for the distribution of video. These videos are posted on social media and aren’t meant to be direct advertisements (though they do help advertise your brand). Typically, these videos are created to spur engagement and interaction on social platforms. That sometimes means posting new advertisements organically to your social media to entice and inform followers, and other times it means posting helpful corporate video content.

These three categories are certainly not an exhaustive list of video types you create or commission for your business.

No matter what type of video you’re creating for your business, it’s important to keep in mind that all of them act as “ads” in some way or another. To that end, you want to be sure to show off the best aspects of your business and products.