Website Design & Development

You need a website development company that uses both data and design to create the perfect branded portal for customer engagement.

Brand Building is Integral

We create a totally branded experience.

You know your brand needs to be seamless, omnipresent, and recognizable and our developers build your site with your brand in mind every time. From color schemes to logos to fonts, your site is unique to you and your brand.

Your website is what defines you and it’s time to impress. Don’t let your competitors take your clients just because they have a better site.

Driving Conversions

Built with your customer’s journey in mind.

Using the latest tools and captivating copy, we create sites that represent you and hold attention. Commexis uses a combination of several different sources for marketing intelligence to develop a site that will pull users in and copy that will resonate with them throughout their stay.

How We Work

Our Process


This is the most important phase of the project. The purpose of this phase is project organization and information gathering. This is where we draw out anything that could go out of scope, gather content, finalize the site map, and create the project schedule. Project delays and added costs all happen when this phase is not handled in the right way.


This phase only begins once we have at least 75% of the content and the research phase is completed. We will first create your site’s structure and user experience through a wireframe design. Once this is approved, we will create the full design that will match your brand’s aesthetics, addresses your needs, and follow the scope of the project.


Once the design has been approved, the development team will begin to build and code your website. There will be a period of revisions and you will be given a chance to review the site at various project milestones that were determined in the research phase.


Once the site has been fully reviewed by both Commexis and you, and approved to go live, we will start the launch process. We will fully test the site on the final server environment, add all of the necessary tracking information and security settings, and launch the site.


Once the site is launched, our job isn’t over. We will train you on how to manage the site. We also monitor the site for any needed functionality and security updates, and are available for any new design or development requests.

Intuitive User Interface & User Experience

Easy To Use

Our simple, easy-to-explore sites guide prospects further along their journey toward purchasing your services. No matter if you’re a skilled web surfer or still getting used to the digital world, our sites are built to be interactive, intuitive and effortlessly navigable by anyone.

Perfect on Any Screen

Mobile Ready

Made to fit any screen seamlessly, our sites work everywhere and anywhere your potential clients may be. Whether your next clients is on a tablet, phone, laptop or desktop, your site will be visually tailored to work where they’re looking, fit the screen and impress with a fully branded experience.

Pretty is Nice, but it Needs to Work

Beautiful & Functional

Sleek, modern looks. Intuitive layouts. We combine a stunning display with smooth navigation for a professional, impressive site. So, not only will your site be visually appealing, it will seamlessly provide the information your client is looking for and help guide them toward making contact with your team.