Need A New Website?

Award winning website design

You know your brand needs to be seamless, omnipresent, and recognizable and our developers build your custom site with your brand in mind – every time. From color schemes to logos to fonts, your site is unique to your company’s brand. At Commexis we do not use themes to build your site, we build an easy to update site that is 100% custom to your specifications and needs.

Need Work On Your Existing Site?

The technical expertise you need

Imagine working with a company that acts as your in-house web design team? That is how we work with both marketing managers and agencies. Our easy-to-use project submission process eliminates the hassle of tracking down the website guy or hoping the update you make will not break the site.

We Create Websites That Turn Heads

Beautiful & functional

How to achieve a sleek, modern look. How to create intuitive layouts that are easy to navigate. The best practices for cross-platform functionality. These are things not everyone knows how to do, but our skilled web development team does. We can combine stunning display with smooth navigation for a professional site that will quickly separate you from the competition.

Painless Website Updates

We know reliability matters

From landing page design and bio updates, to contact form fixes and making your site ADA compliant, your website may just be the most important part of your company. Our simplified process of requesting website updates ensures your business’s digital presence is always up to date and accurate.

We Have Seen It Before

A wealth of experience

With well over 400 website builds and updates under our belt, Commexis brings a unique design, development and project management skillset to the table. While the world of digital changes daily, the typical tripping points tend to stay the same. Our team taps into the vast experience we have gained to ensure we identify and resolve website problems before they happen.

How do we work?

Website Development Process

Find out more about how our team works with you to create a branded, beautiful and easy to use site by downloading our website development process guide.