Social Media Marketing For Lawyers Part 1: How To Make Linkedin Work For You

Social Media Marketing For Lawyers Part 1: How To Make Linkedin Work For You

As  a law firm, it’s necessary for your brand to be professional. And when it comes to social media, that’s what LinkedIn was built for. Now, building a great website is always the first step towards dominating your online presence, but the natural next step is to promote your firm on LinkedIn. As a social media platform, LinkedIn is meant to foster communication between professionals – whether it be about services, industry news, or personal promotion, LinkedIn is a community built on working connections. When it comes to promoting your law firm on LinkedIn, there are three principles you should keep in mind to not only attract new clients, but to help build your brand and presence on the world’s largest professional social media site.

Build Relationships

LinkedIn is all about networking, and you need to be able to develop and maintain a web of relationships of potential clients, current clients, and peers to help you stay in touch with your market. A good method of engagement is with the “Group” feature. This allows you to create a message board where you can provide exclusive content and discussions for its members. Groups can serve different purposes for the different kinds of members you invite. For example, one group could be for current clients, where you provide updates and current news on ongoing issues specific to them. Another could be for potential clients with a message board so they could ask questions and interact with your firm directly.

If you’re not ready to create your own group, there are many groups specifically for lawyers and specific legal issues. These groups are a great place to engage with peers, answer questions and showcase your expertise. For example, Trial Lawyer Network for Lawyers and Attorneys is a large group with almost 9,000 members. Some groups are open to all, other groups require your membership to be approved. Don’t join groups simply to self-promote or promote your firm. Get to know the community and interact with current discussions or conversation before promoting yourself.

Publish Your Work

With 332 million members, LinkedIn is a highly trafficked publishing platform. If you have a knowledge center on your website (and you absolutely should), then LinkedIn is a great way to promote it quickly and cheaply. In February 2014, LinkedIn announced that it had acquired Pulse, the highly popular news aggregator, and along with it came Pulse’s media publishing platform. This new platform allows for a wider scope of content to be published by LinkedIn users to their followers. If you post original articles that are linked to your website or your LinkedIn profile, they can show up not only on the sidebar of your connections’ pages, but also on the LinkedIn Pulse feed. This is a great new feature because it connects your postings with your company and employee pages on a much wider scale than merely providing a status update. With some simple SEO strategy, you can plan your posts to reach a wide-ranging targeted audience in a quick and easy way.

Create a Referral Network

Make sure to have your attorneys keep up connections with their individual LinkedIn profiles.  If a potential client is looking for a reputable firm and one of your employees has a shining review from a connection saying, “I’ve referred this attorney many times”, then it will go a long way towards getting new business and publicly promoting your firm. Again, LinkedIn is and always will be about connections. No matter how much you advertise, there are few things more valuable than a previous client endorsing your skills and referring you to a potential client. It helps to expedite the relationship building process, and using LinkedIn allows your firm to be publicly praised for its successes. Once you establish your presence on LinkedIn, you’ll be surprised at how much LinkedIn will do the work for you.

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