Social Media Marketing for Lawyers Part 3: Facebook Facts

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers Part 3: Facebook Facts

As we wind down our series on social media marketing for lawyers, we close with discussing the largest and most influential social media site of all, and how to get your firm’s Facebook page to fire on all cylinders. Here are the three biggest pieces of your Facebook strategy that will make your page as effective as possible:


The layout of your page is your first step in conveying your brand to the reader, and FB gives a few options in terms of how to make your page your own even before you add an ounce of content.

Custom URL

When 25 users like your page, FB gives you the option to create what is known as a “Vanity URL,” which is their way of saying a custom URL. Now, the goal here isn’t necessarily to be catchy or memorable, instead, your page link should be either the name of your business, or as close to your name as possible given availability. When creating your link, keep in mind that you shouldn’t add more than two target keywords into your URL. If you add in more than two, then your URL will get crowded and look unprofessional. If you keep it simple and keep it searchable, then you’ll start showing up on the results page.

Cover Photo

Many businesses tend to use their logo as their profile picture, which makes sense, considering the profile image is what shows up on FB search results, but the cover photo tends to be overlooked. This is the first thing your visitors see when they land on your page, and you should consider it to be the welcome mat – it’s the first thing a visitor sees when the click on your link. Many businesses either use another iteration of their logo, or even just an exterior photo of the office taken from Google Maps (which is present on a registered business page anyway). Neither of which contribute to your online brand, so it’s worth spending some time coming up with a nice cover photo that shows that you’ve put the right amount of thought into the look of your page. It shows professionalism, and if you care, they will care.


About & Info Sections

You only have 155 characters to throw into the “about” section for your page, which is a generous extra couple of words relative to the average tweet. With this limited amount of space, take the time to craft your best elevator pitch to show your visitors what your page is all about. This is where SEO comes in. Include primary keywords in your “about” and “info” sections. For the “info” section, use this quick checklist of things to add in to make your page as searchable and well rounded as possible. Always add links to your:


-Blog/Knowledge Center





When it comes to posting, media is king. Studies show that posts with photos get 53% more likes, more than double the comments, and 84% more click-throughs on links. Posts with less than 80 characters have 66% more engagement, and posting 1-4 times a week breeds 71% more engagement. These stats help give an idea that there are clear-cut strategies for how to gain traction from your content. As a law firm, it gives clear instructions on what kind of content you should put out there. Post links and graphics related to your knowledge center’s articles and use these stats to write posts around recent happenings at your firm. This will allow you to put a schedule and a framework together of how to get the most out of your FB presence.


Again, a huge function of advertising on social media is to humanize your firm. When you interact to comments on your Wall and elsewhere, you add to your social media personality. Join groups and like pages that are in line with your firm’s goals and desires.


Question posts get twice as many comments as statement posts. If you’re looking to engage with your base on Facebook, ask for their input on relevant industry news, or create a forum where they can discuss important recent events, etc.


Use the Events feature to promote your firm’s next presentations, roundtables, and charity events to help involve your followers in what your firm is currently working on. It also allows you to get a general headcount, and you can follow up by posting pictures and summaries after the event happens.


Reach out to your employees and have them interact with the page as well. Have them contribute to the page by discussing things happening around the industry, or promote some of the pro bono work they are working on. If users see your employees as approachable people on your page, then they’ll be more receptive to your work and are more likely to engage with your content.

Wrapping Up

Facebook is an incredibly useful tool for effective marketing, and should always be near the top of the list for any marketing and communications strategy. Just be sure to keep in mind that you’re getting as much out of it as you can. It’s easy to overlook some crucial yet important components of proper Facebook marketing. If you forgot to customize your URL, you could be missing out on a ton of traffic. If you’re not posting your events on your page, then you could have missed out on a potential client attending. Make sure you have all your bases covered when it comes to the world’s largest social media service, and guaranteed you will start seeing returns.

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