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We’ve re-branded! So, what is The Buyer’s Journey? First, it’s the name of our brand new podcast! And secondly, The Buyer’s Journey is the journey that prospective clients and customers go on when deciding to purchase a product or service. This journey is broken up into five stages or steps: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Retention, and Advocacy. As Commexis shifts it’s tactics and processes to adhere to this new philosophy, so too must our content. Each weekday you’ll be able to hear analysis of the latest marketing news and what it means for your campaigns. 

A visual representing each stage of The Buyer's Journey

Here’s a quick overview of a few things we discussed on our flagship episode:

Why is this philosophy important? What purpose does it serve your clients?

It’s important to understand the The Buyer’s Journey because it allows marketers, CMO’s, and our clients to target specific individuals with ads based on a specific person’s thought process and needs. By doing so, our clients can guide their prospective customers to making a purchase with them.

Why pivot to this model?

We want our clients to succeed, get more customers, and ultimately make money. Whether intentionally or not, every form of marketing takes into consideration The Buyer’s Journey, but not every agency offers explanations to their reasoning. Or frankly, the reasoning is confusing. By shifting our process to highlight The Buyer’s Journey we can not only more effectively assess our marketing tactics, but we can offer an easy to understand explanation to our clients.

Listen all this week as we go in-depth on each of the five stages of The Buyer’s Journey. We’ll be breaking down the stages using various audience profiles and explaining key tactics you should consider in your campaigns.

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