Subscriptions And The Retention Stage – The Buyer’s Journey 10

Subscription services are everywhere and in almost every industry. On today’s episode we discuss how retail subscription services play into the Retention phase of The Buyer’s Journey, and the expansion of retail stores into the subscription marketplace.

A Big Box of Fun

Sarah Perez on TechCrunch reports that Foot Locker has taken a minority stake in subscription service Rockets of Awesome. The service sends out personalized boxes of clothing based on a set of criteria for the child to try on. After the child or their parents find what they like, everything else is sent back at no cost. For many subscription services like Rockets of Awesome, you only pay for what you keep. Perez writes that Foot Locker took a $12.5 million minority stake.

Foot Locker takes a minority stake in kids clothing subscription service Rockets of Awesome

The minority stake comes at an interesting time in the retail market. Just yesterday we discussed The Retail Apocalypse, where many physical retailers are moving to more digital spaces. Foot Locker’s partnership with Rockets of Awesome could potentially help the brand skirt potential problems. Now, Kids Foot Locker will create exclusive Rockets of Awesome in-store locations. In addition, Rockets of Awesome merchandise will be sold on

For those interested, Perez explains, “Each box includes pieces priced at $16 through $38, which tends to be slightly higher than rival Kidbox’s price points — a Kidbox whole box of half a dozen pieces can be had for less than $100. Rockets of Awesome’s “whole box” deal is $150.”

Don’t Forget to Like and Subscribe

As Len discusses in the podcast, Rockets of Awesome is a brand that could gain significant traction on Facebook and Instagram advertising. Even though the primary audience for the product is kids, it’s the parents that are the ultimate decision makers. And those decision makers are on Facebook. According to Pew Research, “[r]oughly two-thirds of U.S. adults (68%) now report that they are Facebook users.” Plus, most adults log on to Facebook everyday.

I also think there’s a real possibility of influencer marketing tactics helping Rockets of Awesome. In particular, family lifestyle or child influencers. While there are some worries that go along with that, it still might be worth it.

Check out our next episode tomorrow where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Retention stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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