The Rise of Twitch Charity Fundraising Events – The Buyer’s Journey 11

Twitch is more than just one of the most popular live streaming platforms. And it’s a lot more than just streamers playing videogames. But sometimes it’s good being exactly who and what you are, especially for a great cause. Patrick Lum on The Guardian writes a fantastic look into videogame streaming philanthropy; the organizations and streamers raising millions for charity.

Gaming for a Cause

Lum spoke with Jeremy Wells, the fundraising events manager for Médecins Sans Frontières who spoke about Summer Games Done Quick, the first of two annual streams held by Games Done Quick each year. The marathons focus is videogame speed running and stream live all day for a week  on Twitch. “The impact is big and getting bigger,” said Wells. “Summer Games Done Quick is our biggest fundraiser of the year – it brought in $2.1m last year out of $4.7m for our whole events program.”

While Games Done Quick is focused solely on organizing charity streams, there are other streamers making big impacts. In fact, Lum writes that, “Twitch estimates between 2012 and 2017, more than $75m was raised for various charities on its service alone.”

One for All

Here’s a few streamers who raised funds for charity by themselves on Twitch:

  • HBomberGuy hosted a multi-day stream for trans youth charity Mermaids raised $340,000.
  • Famous Twitch-er Ninja helped St. Jude raise $2.7m in a weekend
  • Another popular Fortnite streamer “Dr. Lupo” raised $356k in less than 4 hours.

During the show Matt, Len, and Josh talked a lot about how successful Twitch has been in capturing audiences. However, Len does mention that unless you’re a big brand, advertising on Twitch can be expensive. However, influencer marketing with smaller streamers might be a way around that. For charities, it’s clearly working.

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