Amazon Prime’s Amazon Day Shipments and The Purchase Stage – The Buyer’s Journey 14

Amazon is changing up eCommerce shipping once again, now by offering to ship Amazon Prime member’s packages on a set day every week. Who is this change for, and what does Amazon gain? We discuss this and more on today’s episode.

Ship It, Ship It Good

Amazon’s new service for Amazon Prime members, aptly named Amazon Day, will allow members to set a weekly delivery day. This new service is targeted towards users living in high-theft areas, or for individuals who want to save on cardboard. Sarah Perez on TechCrunch reports that Amazon Day is part of Shipment Zero, Amazon’s initiative to make 50% of all Amazon shipments net zero carbon by 2030. Perez also reports on Amazon’s testing of this service, specifically that it reduced packaging by “tens of thousands” of boxes over the course of a few months.

Prime members can simply choose their Amazon Day at checkout. Just click, “Amazon Day” as your delivery option and choose your day then. Users can still choose to receive packages earlier than their selected shipping date should they need. At checkout choose a regular shipping option, such as free two-day, and your package will arrive based on that choice.

Bop It! Twist It! Ship It!

The team had a few interesting thoughts on this new service. First, Len believes that while Shipment Zero is a good initiative, this is also a way to reduce costs and increase stock price. Frankly, Josh and I don’t disagree on that. Being net zero carbon and saving money seems to be a win-win.

I believe that this service won’t just be useful to individuals in a high-theft area. Businesses, too, can benefit from having a loan delivery day, too. In particular those in my profession, videography and content creation, often purchase expensive items. It’d be particularly bad if one of those items arrived at the workplace on a Saturday instead of a week day.

Check out our next episode where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Retention stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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