How To Market to Parents in 2019: An Awareness Stage How-To – The Buyer’s Journey 22

eMarketer released a fantastic new report on marketing to parents in 2019 and we break down what the data means and how you should use it!

The Awareness Stage

The Awareness Stage is the first stage in The Buyer’s Journey. During the Awareness stage, a prospective customer realizes they have a need or are made aware of a problem.

How Do Parents Use Social Media in 2019

Mark Dolliver on eMarketer had a fantastic report focusing on parents in 2019. Specifically, the report is broken up into four parts: where parents are, parent’s thoughts on their children’s screen time, parent online purchasing habits, and the parent workload divide. Today we’ll be touching on portions of the first three, but definitely check out Dolliver’s report for more in-depth info.

First, let’s start with a chart that feels obvious.

What I find so interesting about this chart is that there’s about 20-30% of people who don’t believe the internet has changed the way they get information about products and services. It’s astonishing just how much the internet has completely changed how we communicate. My small gripes aside, I think it’s good that we at least have numbers for this.

As you’d expect, the mobile phone is the most used device for parents. This isn’t exactly shocking, as mobile phones have become vital pieces of consumer technology. Speaking of mobile usage, the chart below shows parent’s mobile activity while in bed.

It’s clear that social media use is the highest for mom and dad while in bed. This is fantastic news for clients who might be skeptical about the pervasiveness of social media. Suffice to say, people are on it constantly and right before bed time is a solid opportunity to get in front of parents as they wind down.

Even before bed, parents can be prime targets for social media advertising. After their children go to bed about 71% of mothers and 60% of fathers use social media. That makes it the second highest option among correspondents, and while TV or movies are the top spot, it’s not a stretch to think both could be occurring at the same time. In the episode we discussed that it might be a good idea to advertise to parents during this time. We estimate that the time is probably between 7p-11p, though your specific audience segment will better inform you.

Parent’s Thoughts on Children’s Screen Time Habits

One topic we discussed in depth in our podcast was children’s screen time habits. Specifically, Len discusses his thoughts on his children’s screen time and other parent’s mentality. Listen to our episode to hear more on that, but below we have some interesting charts from Dolliver’s report.

76% of parents say their kids engage in more screen time than they’d like. Interestingly, we see in the chart below that parents and their children often have similar habits when it comes to interacting with their screens.

Of course, this isn’t an example to critique parents by saying, “You don’t like your kids having lots of screen time, yet you do the same!” It makes complete sense for parents to be worried about their children’s health and well-being. In addition, there are still a mix of studies showing the various potential problems with screen time, or the advantages. Regardless of how you interpret these charts, having this kind of data on audience beliefs and thoughts can be helpful.

Parent Online Purchasing Habits

In the episode we mentioned a few small thoughts on parent online purchasing habits. Specifically, we discussed mothers being far more likely to buy products when recommended them.

What I think is so powerful about this chart is that is goes along with everything we’ve discussed in the Advocacy stage in previous episodes. The power of influencers, the power of positive experiences shared through word-of-mouth, the power of reviews and recommendations are vital to ferrying individuals through The Buyer’s Journey.

Check out our next episode tomorrow where we’ll discuss a news article covering the Consideration stage of The Buyer’s Journey.

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